Russian-Tajik hair transplant patient speaks about his experience

Russian-Tajik hair transplant patient speaks about his experience

Many people suffering from hair loss want to get their hair back, yet hesitate when it comes to undergoing hair transplant surgery. Komil was in the same boat before traveling to Iran. However, he finally managed to make up his mind and travel to Iran to get his hair transplanted in the country. Read on to find out how his hair loss treatment in Iran went on.

Komil, our Tajik patient, who is living in Russia, found us on the internet and contacted one of our coordinators. In the first instance, his photos and documents were referred to one of our experienced medical consultants. He then traveled to Iran to pursue his hair loss treatment. He had a pre-operative visit with his doctor when he arrived in Tehran. And finally, he went through a successful hair restoration surgery. A combination of Follicular Isolation Technique and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) was applied to remove hair grafts from the back of his head (donor zone). So, a high number of hair grafts were planted on his balding area (recipient zone).

He was taken care of during the time he was in the country. We booked his flight, arranged for his visa, took him to the doctor and accompanied him during his surgery. He also spent a great time visiting Tehran’s tourist attractions while our Russian-speaking guide was with him.

After his surgery, Komil traveled to the north of Iran, turning his medical journey into an adventure one. In the end, he left the country while he was satisfied with the quality of medical services and the hospitality of the Iranian people.

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