Here is why Leith thinks AriaMedTour is a “reliable” company

Here is why Leith thinks AriaMedTour is a “reliable” company

Leith Albo Bachai is from Iraq. A father of three, Leith had always put his children’s needs above his own. So, it wasn’t until his crooked nose began disturbing his breathing that he heard the warning bells ringing in his head. He had to do something about that severe deviation in his nose and the only definite treatment he could think of was a functional rhinoplasty (septoplasty). Yet, he didn’t want to undergo a surgical operation just to end up with a botched nose and a deteriorated breathing condition. Under such circumstances, finding a proficient surgeon was his primary concern. Knowing his options in Iraq will be limited, he started looking for eligible doctors in Iran, a neighboring country he is most familiar.

For health tourists, choosing a destination revolves around many factors. The main aspects are cost-efficiency and how convenient traveling to the country is. For our Iraqi patients, both criteria are met by choosing Iran as their destination. Leith and other Iraqi tourists travel back and forth from Iraq to Iran for going on pilgrimages or shopping from the bazaars. Now, with Iran’s advancements in medical treatments and excellent quality of care, many would choose Iran over their hometown to undergo cosmetic or medical procedures.

Leith’s main concern was to choose a proficient doctor who would take his requirements into consideration. It takes a lot of effort to find and compare surgeons in a foreign country, particularly when you don’t speak their language. He also had to go through all the arrangements and appointments needed for the treatment. Besides, with his family wishing to accompany him during the journey, it was unsettling to handle trip planning, flight, accommodation and managing the kids’ sight-seeing demands while recovering from the surgery. The anxiety would make him cancel his plan to undergo nose job surgery in Iran, had he not found AriaMedTour on Google.

Discovering our website and reading our patient reviews, he was thrilled to know that we have had plenty of patients in the same situation as him. Without hesitation, he contacted our healthcare team. As soon as one of our healthcare specialists got back to him in Arabic, all the information he needed was given to him in detail. To his surprise, he didn’t have to worry about planning the trip for himself nor for his family. He was ensured that with AriaMedTour, his visa, flight, airport pickup, hotel booking, and private transfer is taken care of. He also benefited from a free consultation that helped him choose an experienced Iranian surgeon.

“I immediately realized that AriaMedTour is a credible company.”

Once the family arrived in Tehran, Leith’s personal interpreter met them at the airport. They were transferred to the hotel and Leith had his first doctor appointment the day after. During the consultation, Leith explained his main concerns and let the surgeon know his expectations. In his testimonial video, Leith depicted how caring and receptive his doctor was throughout the appointment. Then, some routine tests and examinations were performed to ensure that he is ready to undergo surgery. The surgery was performed within a couple of days after the consultation session. The hospital’s IPD (International Patients Department) was in charge during his entire hospital stay to ensure a safe and complications-free recovery.

Leith spent a week in Tehran before leaving for his hometown. In the post-recovery messages we received from Leith, he expressed his satisfaction with both his surgeon and AriaMedTour services.

“I can sum up AriaMedTour in a single word, and that’s credibility”

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