French Rhinoplasty Patient Says He Feels Safer in Iran Than at Home!

French Rhinoplasty Patient Says He Feels Safer in Iran Than at Home!

When 25-year-old Maël from France picked up his phone to send us a message on WhatsApp for some information about nose surgery in Iran, he was full of doubts and uncertainties. He had read a lot about the good reputation of the country for having great rhinoplasty surgeons and went through a lot of positive reviews and video testimonials of people who had the experience of having the surgery done in Iran. But he still wasn’t sure if he was making the right decision, until after he arrived here and had his surgery done.

As he says in the video, his process went well according to the schedule we prepared for him before his arrival.

Everything went very well. It was very easy. The process was very smooth,” he says.

Maël also felt very safe here — much safer than he thought.

“I felt very safe in Iran here. No problem. People were very friendly to me,” he admits. “I feel safer in Iran than I feel at home.”

We are so glad to have had Maël here and given him a sense of satisfaction. We hope to see him again in Iran.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Maël in Iran!


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