Iran remains the best place for rhinoplasty despite the Coronavirus crisis

Iran remains the best place for rhinoplasty despite the Coronavirus crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected our world, daily lives, jobs, and health in so many ways. The entire world now is facing a global economic, social, and health crises that was never witnessed before. According to statistics, travel and tourism received the biggest impact due to the newly imposed travel restrictions. However, until this day, patients from all over the world are leaving their countries everyday looking for the exceptional medical and plastic procedures that can be received in Iran with the help of AriaMedTour.

Our patient, Mayasah, has come from Iran’s closest neighbor, Iraq, aiming to improve her physical appearance by getting a nose job in Iran. Despite the restriction imposed on travel due to the current health crisis, she was able to obtain a Visa in no time after contacting AriaMedtour and receiving a medical report from its team that she later delivered to the Iranian embassy and helped her obtain her treatment Visa easily.

Initially, as with most patients, the journey began when Iran was the first result to pop up on the internet after typing ‘the best nose job surgery’ since Iran has the highest rate of successful nose surgeries in the world. Moreover, AriaMedTour was the first and most preferable option according to the many online reviews about the best medical tourism company that can offer its patients high quality surgical procedures for reasonable prices in Iran.

After making the decision, Mayasah contacted AriaMedTour’s medical team who had sent her a medical report to facilitate the process of obtaining a visa.

Upon her arrival, she was picked up by AriaMedTour’s team that included her personal interpreter. Before going directly to the doctor to start the medical procedure, she decided to make her visit to Iran more than just a medical trip by visiting some of Iran’s most famous places, like Iran bazar that is known for being one of the biggest traditional bazars worldwide. Afterwards, our patient continued her journey by visiting one of Iran’s most famous and beautiful places “The Carpet Museum of Iran” which was founded back in 1976. Eventually, the trip was concluded by visiting one of Iran’s famous Spices market before heading to the doctor’s office to discuss her surgical procedure in details.

Today’s patient was not fascinated only by her surgery’s results; as from the moment she set foot in Iran, she noticed how seriously the Iranian people are taking the newly imposed laws due to the new Covid-19 pandemic. She noticed that everyone was wearing a proper facemask, following hygiene procedures, and maintaining a socially acceptable distance from other people in order to reduce the possibility of catching an infection or spreading the virus. This made our guest feel safe during her journey to Iran despite the health crisis the world is facing these days.

That is how our Iraqi guest’s journey to have a rhinoplasty in Iran was arranged by AriaMedTour. All you need to have your own surgery done in Iran is to contact us either through this website or by messaging us via WhatsApp. Our specialized team is always ready to provide you with all you need to know and to arrange your medical journey from A to Z.

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