“From the US to Iran for a nose job – Like mother like daughter

The Americans are rarely laidback about the idea of traveling to Iran, let alone traveling for surgical reasons. Melissa, however, proved them wrong by bringing not only herself but also her daughter to have rhinoplasty surgery in Iran.

Knowing most American insurances do not cover the costs of cosmetic procedures, Melissa and her daughter (Micaela) had a hard time finding reliable yet affordable nose surgeons in USA. So, Melissa started looking for other alternatives. While researching, she came across Iran. Also known as the world’s capital of rhinoplasty, the country is home to some of the most proficient nose surgeons and receives thousands of rhinoplasty patients from overseas every year.

Melissa was somehow familiar with Iran and its people. Yet, she couldn’t help but feel hesitant to go under the knife in Iran. That said, her worries went away as soon as she had the first consultation with the AriaMedTour team.

Melissa and her daughter had their medical trip planned by AriaMedTour. Our team arranged everything including accommodation, visa, private transfer, patient care coordinator and so on. Once the mother and daughter visited Tehran, they had only the surgery to think about as their entire journey was planned for them in advance.

Melissa was also extremely happy with her rhinoplasty surgeon. Her doctor offered her a sense of comfort and peace of mind. During the consultation session, the doctor explained the procedure in detail and they discussed her expectations of the final results. Melissa and her daughter went under the knife of the same surgeon and both were satisfied with what he accomplished.

As part of AriaMedTour’s medical package services, Melissa and Micaela also had an English speaker coordinator accompanying them. As a result, Melissa felt comfortable both during the medical appointment with the surgeon and while recovering in the hospital.

Last but not least, Melissa and Micaela had the chance to try the delicious Iranian food and visit some fascinating attractions of the city. This made the experience even more worthwhile for them.

Here is what Melissa told us on her last day in Iran:

“I would definitely come back to Iran for either a cultural experience or another surgery.”

Our mission is to streamline the process of having a medical or cosmetic procedure in Iran. We believe that you shouldn’t have the slightest concerns about travel hassles or your safety when considering surgery abroad. Contact us now to find out how we can help you pave the way to your ideal looks.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Melissa in Iran!


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