There is nothing to worry about having rhinoplasty in Iran even during the Covid-19 pandemic

There is nothing to worry about having rhinoplasty in Iran even during the Covid-19 pandemic

Our world today is facing a crisis like never before, as the new COVID-19 pandemic has affected each and every part of our lives, and many countries faced the wrath of this virus economically as international tourism took the biggest hit and expected to decrease by 80% at the end of 2020. However, even a pandemic as severe as the new Covid-19 pandemic cannot stand in the way of self-improvement. Until this day, people from all over the world are coming to Iran day and night to get a better appearance by undergoing rhinoplasty in Iran with the help of AriaMedTour.

The number of patients from Iran’s closest neighbor increased one today, as our new patient, Muntaha, flew from Baghdad, Iraq, to Iran aiming to get a nose job in Iran with the help of AriaMedtour that provided her with everything she needs for her trip. This starts from arranging her travel plan and does not end with choosing the perfect doctor and medical center for her so she could get the best results possible. Furthermore, AriaMedtour had provided our patient with a medical report that she delivered in addition to her PCR results to the Iranian embassy and got her Visa in no time.

In a similar way to most of AriaMedtour’s patients, the internet led our current patient to choose Iran and AriaMedTour to get her rhinoplasty. This is because Iran is known as the nose job capital worldwide and AriaMedTour is known to offer high-quality medical procedures that are done for affordable costs in addition to a lot of positive online reviews that leave no doubt about AriaMedTour being the right option.

When Muntaha arrived to Iran, she was picked up from the airport by her AriaMedTour personal interpreter, and was taken directly to the doctor’s office to discuss her surgical procedure in details. However, in addition to the fact that AriaMedTour is a pioneer in medical tourism, it gives its patients the ability to make their trip meant for leisure purposes instead of being for medical purposes only.

AriaMedTour provides additional services to its patients such as taking them on a sightseeing trip, which is the case here. Our patient decided to visit some of Iran’s most famous and beautiful places like Iran’s Spices market where she took a tour and got to leave with a taste of the Iranian cuisine. She also visited one of Iran’s most famous places “The Carpet Museum of Iran” that stretches for more than 3,400 square meters and contains more than 150 types of Persian carpets as well as 7000 books. This makes this museum an ancient cultural site that distinguishes Iran from any other place in the world.

Our guest had a very important message to all the people who are thinking about coming to Iran looking for a certain medical procedure, which is “There is nothing to worry about”. Contrary to what the media shows, things could not be any better in Iran due to the increasing awareness of Iranian citizens, as the majority of people in Iran are following health and safety protocols by wearing a proper facemask and maintaining their distance from other people as a way of fighting back against the new virus.

If you are considering having a medical or aesthetical procedure and still have concerns about travelling during the Coronavirus pandemic, just through us a message in this site or through WhatsApp to have all your questions answered and all your concerns eased by the help of our specialists at AriaMedTour. We are available 24/7.

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