Nasser from Qatar Super-Satisfied with AriaMedTour, Hopes to Return with Family!

Nasser from Qatar Super-Satisfied with AriaMedTour, Hopes to Return with Family!

I give them more than 10 out of 10!,” says our rhinoplasty patient from Doha when talking about his satisfaction with our services. “If I praise them till tomorrow, it won’t be enough.

Nasser found us on the internet when he was searching for a rhinoplasty surgeon. When he came across our website, he spent two months examining our pages, watching our testimonial videos, and reading about our services.
He finally contacted us and had a detailed discussion with our Arabic-speaking coordinator, who provided him with all the information he needed about nose surgery in Iran.

Having his trip organized by our team, Nasser arrived in Tehran soon. The negative thoughts he had about Iran and its people soon vanished as he saw the kind and welcoming people, who he describes as “advanced in everything and very kind”.

Nasser had his surgery done according to the schedule prepared for him by our team. The surgery was performed by one of the most renowned surgeons in Tehran and he soon recovered from the operation and returned to his hotel.
After a few days, he had his splint removed and got ready to return to his country after a week-long stay in Tehran. Before that, Nasser paid us a visit at our office to kindly express his gratitude and satisfaction with our services. He also said that we would come again for tourism with his family, “not only once, but twice or three times”.

Watch the video above to hear the full account of Nasser’s experience.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Nasser in Iran!


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