From Spain to Iran for face lift and buccal fat removal

From Spain to Iran for face lift and buccal fat removal

Medically, Iran is famous for the successful surgeries that are performed by skilled surgeons with low costs. This very reason has made Iran the primary destination for foreigners who desire having cosmetic and medical treatments.

A Spanish lady, Natalia, who is 43 years old has come to Iran in order to have a face lift, brow lift, and neck lift along with buccal fat removal. After searching online, she has reached the official website of ArieMedTour.

Through the website, she contacted them for a trip arrangement. AriaMedTour has provided her with a set of services. She had an assistant to help her through the whole journey. At first, she was picked up at the airport and given a room in a hotel, which was previously reserved for her.

When she went to the hospital, the assistant also accompanied her and helped her get the medical tests she needed in a quite short time. Not to mention that AriaMedTour had already set an appointment for her with Dr. Amali who is known for his vast experience in cosmetic surgeries such as face lifts and buccal fat removal.

The meeting with the doctor went well and they set an appointment for the surgery to be performed. Dr. Amali has done a great job during the surgery. He removed fat from her cheeks in order to make them smaller and then he lifted the skin to give the face a newer and younger shape. He practiced his work in a professional way and got the lady the results she had requested.

Her reaction towards the results after surgery was filled with enthusiasm. She was extremely happy with the transformation. She was thankful to Dr. Amali for his fascinating work and to AriaMedTour for the amazing services they have provided her with.

She was very happy in Iran. She enjoyed the warm and nice treatment she has received from the staff in the hospital and the airport.

At AriaMedTour website, you can find more information about our services and you can read stories about our patients and watch their videos. Also, if you would like to enjoy our services and travel to Iran through AriaMedTour, all you have to do is contact our patient coordination center and get the information that you need. Our online center is in reach 24/7.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Natalia in Iran!

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