An amazing experience for a Russian ENT doctor in Iran

An amazing experience for a Russian ENT doctor in Iran

Our guest, Natalia, is 35 years old ENT surgeon from Moscow, Russia. She came to Iran to undergo a rhinoplasty.

Natalia’s mom had found out about AriaMedTour through the reviews on the internet. Natalia’s mom had told her that AriaMedTour company is very hospitable as they explain everything about their work, welcome you at the airport, and assign you an interpreter. The company also helps unravel any ambiguity you have about the company or anything related to Iran.

When Natalia arrived to the hotel, she had many problems. What made it hard for her is the fact that she does not understand English or Persian so she did not even know how to express her needs. Daniel, the interpreter, was her savior. He had taken care of everything and helped her communicate with the staff, the doctors, and other people in Iran. Daniel also had accompanied her through her surgery and her walks in the Iranian markets.

“Every day, he would see how I am doing and ask if I needed anything. If by any chance, I needed a meal, he would call the reception at once and order something for me.”

Daniel had taken care of Natalia as if she was a member of his own family. He had accompanied her during her surgery. “On the day of the surgery, Daniel placed ice on my nose and gave me water and fruit juice.” Natalia says.

After coming out of the surgery, he took her hand and helped her walk in the corridor because she is not supposed to lie down after the surgery. “Even though I am a doctor, I had taken the role of a patient.” Daniel, the interpreter, would see if Natalia had questions and would immediately call the doctor for advice.

Natalia was delighted by the results “my nose is slim with an arched bridge as I wanted.” Natalia is grateful for the doctors and for every person who had helped her during her stay in Iran.

Natalia has fallen in love with Iran as a country. She desires living in Iran for increasing her medical experience and exploring the country.

“To be honest, I did not expect to establish such a friendly relationship with this country”

She wants to come back again for another medical procedure. She even recommended both her sister and friend who are in the field of medicine to have their plastic surgeries done in Iran. she also recommends all Russian women to come to Iran and undergo medical procedures in order to maintain the youth or external beauty regardless of the age.

“Not only to all the people of Moscow, but to all the Russians, based on my personal experience, I suggest, show and say that you can come to Iran to have surgery and become beautiful women.”

She is thankful and grateful to the doctor who operated her surgery, AriaMedTour company that offered her a lot of services and to the assistant, Daniel, who accompanied her through her stay in Iran.

Natalia who is an ENT doctor has shared her amazing experience on rhinoplasty in Iran with us. If you would like to have a trip arranged to Iran for a medical procedure through AriaMedTour, contact us on our official website and win yourself a free consultation. Our online consultation center is at your service 24/7.

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