Romanian man has wonderful trip to Iran for gynecomastia surgery

Just a couple of days ago, we had a cheerful, light-hearted guest from Romania. Nicolae came to Tehran for a male breast reduction surgery in Iran. The young man was unhappy with his somehow larger-than-normal breasts (gynecomastia), a condition that according to statistics affects 50% to 60% of adolescent males.

Nicolae got his gynecomastia surgery arranged by contacting AriaMedTour and chatting with the company’s patient coordinators. They assisted Nicolae by providing him with detailed information about the male reduction mammoplasty in Iran, which was enough to convince him to travel to Tehran for the operation.

Soon after, Nicolae flew to Tehran, where he was warmly welcomed by an AriaMedTour guide. He was taken care of during the whole time he was in Iran, being taken to the hospital for surgery, and back to the hotel.

Not only did Nicolae have a great reduction mammoplasty experience in Iran, but he also had a lot of fun in Tehran during his stay in the city. As the above video and below photos show, he visited many places in Tehran along with one of AriaMedTour’s staff members.

Visiting both historical and modern attractions of Tehran, as well as going out to Iranian restaurants and cafes contributed to the enjoyable experience Nicolae had with AriaMedTour.

A successful plastic surgery (gynecomastia surgery), high-quality services he received, and ‘the nice people’ he met in Iran, including AriaMedTour team, were the main factors of the European medical tourist’s satisfaction with his travel to the land of Persia, the latter Nicolae says is the main reason he would recommend other people to contact AriaMedTour for such an experience.

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