My experience of rhinoplasty for fixing breathing problems and septum deviation

My experience of rhinoplasty for fixing breathing problems and septum deviation

Omar is from Baghdad-Iraq. He was suffering from bad breathing problems and nasal septum deviation. He searched the web for a nose job and found that Iran is the best place to perform nose surgery, as it has the highest rate of successful nose surgeries worldwide and it offers the most affordable prices.

Besides, Omar searched for doctors and found the best ones in Tehran via AriaMedTour, the first and most preferable option according to the many online reviews about the best medical tourism company that can offer its patients high-quality surgical procedures for a reasonable price in Iran.

Then Omar contacted the help center, sent them information about his condition, and asked for trip arrangements after he had learned more about how AriaMedTour works.

AriaMedTour had arranged everything for Omar. The surgery package includes medication, hotel accommodation, and transportation along with SIM card and Internet. Many more services have already been arranged for him.

Sara, an assistant from AriaMedTour, was waiting for Omar’s arrival at the airport. She was his coordinator and interpreter who is going to accompany him during his treatment journey.

They immediately left the airport to go to the hotel room that has already been booked for Omar.

After that Omar left the hotel to go with Sara to the prescheduled appointment with the doctor. During the appointment, the doctor examined Omar’s condition. Finally, Omar did the required tests, analyses, and imaging as the last necessary step before undergoing his rhinoplasty.

The procedure went successfully, the result was great, and Omar was satisfied with it and was very happy about making Iran his only choice.

“I see them in the first place in the Middle East and the whole world.”

The thing that caught Omar’s eye the most in Iran was that they are famous for the nose job. He said about treatment and accommodations in Iran through AriaMedTour that everything had been great.

According to him, Aria is the best in everything it provides and will facilitate everything with the extra services like assigning a personal interpreter, especially Mrs. Sara, and he was pleased and satisfied with everything.

He said that this is his first visit to Iran, and he did not think this country is so beautiful and cute with its people being very nice and classy. He added that the atmosphere is beautiful.

Omar’s medical journey for nose job experience in Iran was planned by AriaMedTour. If you would like to have yours planned by us as well, all you have to do is to click on “free Quote” and fill the form or just to send a message through WhatsApp. Our services are 24/7 available, and you will be answered by one of our health care specialists as soon as possible.

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