The Hair Transplant Story of Our Patient from France

The Hair Transplant Story of Our Patient from France

People usually go for a hair transplant with different kinds of motivations. For Parviz, it was taking back his lost hair and of course his lost self-esteem. So, he searched the internet to find a destination to get his hair restoration done there. And, that was when he found AriaMedTour for his hair transplant in Iran. As we believe there’s no more reliable source than the patients who’ve already tried our medical tourism services, we invite you to watch our hair transplant patient testimonial and read his story below to get a complete picture of his treatment in Iran.

Parviz Safi who is originally from Afghanistan but lives in France contacted one of our patient coordinators and shared his case of hair loss. After consultation, he decided to travel to Iran for his treatment. He got his hair transplant done in Iran at a price much lower than France and other European countries.

Speaking of his hair restoration procedure, he went through a combination of Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation techniques at the recommendation of his doctor. In this method, more hair grafts are planted on the balding area compared to other techniques. Although he was told that only 50% of his hair would have been restored in other countries, he got 70-80% of his hair transplanted in Iran.

His treatment went perfectly in a top-quality hair clinic in Iran. In the end, he was provided with a post-op care package and left the country with a smile on his face and his heart. His hair growth is regularly followed up by our coordinators in order to ensure that his treatment is well on the track.


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