It was a more than wonderful hair transplant experience in Iran

It was a more than wonderful hair transplant experience in Iran

Rami Abdel Aal Mudhar is an Iraqi citizen from al Nasyriah, Iraq. Rami has been suffering from hair loss for many years. This was considered a problem for him because it affected his appearance and self- confidence. For this reason, Rami decided to undergo a hair transplant.

He began his web search for the country that offers the best hair transplants with reasonable costs. People who have already experienced medical and aesthetical surgeries in Iran have recommended Iran. By further search, he came up to know about AriaMedTour.

After seeing the results of their surgeries, he has decided to take their advice and travel to Iran for his hair transplant. He contacted AriaMedTour and asked for a trip arrangement. After several days, he was flying to Iran. Rami was welcomed by one of Aria’s assistants at the airport. Accommodation, medical appointment, and many more services were already arranged for rami. So, he did not have to worry about anything. After going to the hotel, Rami and his assistant went to the hair transplant clinic. Since he is not familiar with the language, the assistant helped him communicate with the doctor. Rami and the doctor had a discussion about his surgery.

“The medical care is wonderful. They clearly know what they are doing. Regarding hair transplant, they tell you about the positive and the negative sides, what suits you and what does not. Their work is not just a trade for them. It is more than that. They obviously love what they do and do it properly.”

The doctor has told him about the available solutions and what is appropriate for him. According to Rami’s choice, the surgery time was appointed. Rami then went to the hospital to do the required tests. The procedure went successfully and the results were satisfying for him. Rami was happy about making Iran his only choice. What he loved most about Iran was the efficiency. Iranian doctors and specialists are efficient and competent at what they do. They are professional and well-experienced. They are also committed to their schedules.

“In Iran, who gives an appointment, adheres to it”

They do not change dates whatsoever. This is suitable for foreign patients who come from other countries because they are bound by time and have to travel back to their home countries within several days.

“Add to that medical tourism facilitators that exist in Iran, like AriaMedTour.”

They provide a wide range of various useful services; like airport pick up, setting appointment for the patients with specialists. Plus, every patient has a companion assistant who accompanies him during the medical journey and helps him through it.

“The medical care is wonderful and it is not just a trade for them,” added Rami. “Iran is known for its medical history. They give intense care to the quality of the surgeries more than money. Unlike other countries that have turned the medical profession into a profitable business.”

Rami advises every foreigner who needs to undergo a medical or aesthetical surgery to make Iran his one and only choice and he will not regret it.

This is how Rami got his journey arranged to Iran by AriaMedTour. If you would like to have a trip arrangement to Iran, contact us via our website or via WhatsApp. AriaMedTour specialists are at your service 24/7.

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