Omani couple undergo gastric sleeve & hair transplant in Iran

There is always a way out of any hopeless situation. For extremely overweight people suffering from an obesity that is affecting their health, this might be a weight loss surgery. This has been the case with Saeed’s wife, who in a last-ditch attempt to put an end to all the mental-health problems her obesity was bringing for her, she decided to have a gastric sleeve surgery. The couple then began their search for the easiest way to get the bariatric procedure done, when a google search of ‘gastric sleeve’ prompted a decision to go on an Iranian medical tour that later turned out to be a very pleasant experience.

While googling the term, Saeed came across AriaMedTour website, which was exactly what he was looking for. He read about gastric sleeve surgery in Iran and the company’s gastric sleeve packages and services. Then he contacted the company to get more information and he was answered by an Arabic-speaking patient coordinator. Having asked his questions and received full information about gastric sleeve surgery in Iran and AriaMedTour services, Saeed finally requested that the company do the arrangements for him and his wife to travel to Iran and receive the treatment.

Soon after, Saeed and his wife took a flight from Muscat to Tehran, where they were warmly received by an AriaMedTour guide and private driver. They were picked up from the airport and taken to a luxurious five-star hotel reserved for them by the company.

The Next day the couple was taken to the doctor’s office, where she was examined and her BMI was calculated. Given the high BMI, a gastric sleeve was a right surgery for the woman, as she needed to lose a lot of excess fat to reach a healthy weight. After setting an exact time, the bariatric surgery was successfully performed on the patient in one of the best Tehran hospitals, where she stayed for two days along with her husband, and then discharged.

Having witnessed the great behavior of AriaMedTour’s staff toward them, Saeed who was suffering from severe hair loss decided to have a hair transplant surgery with the help of the company, something that wasn’t included in their initial schedule. “It was the professional behavior of the company and the smooth procedure they provided for us which made me go for a hair transplant,” Saeed explains. A hair transplant appointment was immediately arranged for him and he had it done in a few hours.

The couple now has had a weight loss surgery and a hair transplant done in only 3 days with VIP services, all with the help of AriaMedTour, and also had a day of sightseeing in Tehran. As you can see in the photos and video, they had a very memorable experience of health tourism in Iran.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Saeed in Iran!


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