The French Patient Experiences Great Medical Care with AriaMedTour

The French Patient Experiences Great Medical Care with AriaMedTour

Salomé is a 21-year-old university student from southwest France. As a cultured and educated young woman, she was looking to have a Rhinoplasty with the quality and results which met her standards. Since she knew Iran as the nose job capital of the world, she started looking at her options for a nose job in Iran. That was when she found us on the internet. And, after doing some research and checking our website as well as our YouTube and Instagram, she saw that “everything was very complete and professional”.

Next, Salomé contacted us via WhatsApp. Following the initial consultation, as every necessary detail was properly explained to her, she flew to Iran and was warmly welcomed by AriaMedTour. Having found the conditions of her surroundings quite similar to that of Europe, Salomé believed “everything was perfect because AriaMedTour took care of everything”.

After visiting her doctor, it was decided that the most beneficial course of action for her was to undergo both a Rhinoplasty and buccal fat removal surgery. A day later, Salomé’s surgeries were going to start. Despite what the word surgery brings to mind, everything was actually done in about 4 hours, without any pain, complication, or dissatisfaction. In Salomé’s own words, “it wasn’t painful at all”.

Following the post-surgery recovery, she was feeling great and happy about everything. And, before leaving Iran and flying to France, Salomé visited the AriaMedTour office for one last time. When all was said and done, her health and happiness added another patient to AriaMedTour’s global list of satisfied clientele.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Salomé in Iran!


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