Swiss man talks about “very positive” hair transplant experience in Iran

At first glance, Samuel does not need much of a touch-up. His laughing eyes, upbeat manner, and amiable personality leave no space for modification. But who doesn’t like to change his or her appearance a little bit when the chance comes? As with Samuel, he wanted to transform his already great hair to something fabulous.

The 57-year-old Swiss man, who runs a tourism company in Zurich, traveled to Iran for his hair transplant surgery. If you do not already know about hair transplant, suffice to say it basically involves removing a section of your scalp, cutting the part of skin into pieces consisting of follicles, and transplanting the tiny hair follicles back into the scalp where hair needs to be restored! Considering how the international media is constantly undermining Iran’s capabilities, this raises an important question:

Why did Samuel trust his head to Iranian surgeons?

Samuel is a proactive person who tries to experience everything for himself without letting stereotypes manipulate his actions (an attitude we applaud him for). Yet, he wasn’t entirely laidback about his travel to Iran. “I was a bit hesitant to travel to Iran; because international media can lead to some questions and concerns about Iran” he said during his interview. But his friend, who had managed to see the “real Iran” during his multiple stays in the country, recommended AriaMedTour to Samuel, reassuring him Iran can actually surprise him.

And surprise him it did; it turned out Iran not only offers a fascinating tourist experience but also enjoys top-rated medical care and modern clinics. Let’s take a deeper look at what his trip to Iran involved.

“I would like to say that I will never regret the short-term decision to fly from Switzerland to Tehran and undergo hair transplantation in an excellent clinic.”

Samuel’s hair transplant journey in Iran

Having had a thorough conversation with one of our healthcare consultants, Samuel was confident that his concerns will be taken into account and his expectations met. He was pleased with how the entire visa administering processing was “professionally managed” through AriaMedTour.

Once he set foot in the Imam Khomeini International Airport, he was received by our interpreter and a car picked them up to transport Samuel to the Espinas hotel.

On his appointment day, Samuel was accompanied by his interpreter to visit the doctor’s office. He and his surgeon went through a consultation session discussing his expectations and how the procedure was going to take place. Samuel’s first impression of the clinic and his experienced specialist was very positive. When the consultation was over, some tests had to be taken to confirm he is ready for the operation. Then, he went to have his hair transplantation taken care of. After some 7 hours and a delicious meal of Jujeh kabab in the halftime, Samuel was officially a man with full hair.

“I had a very good feeling with my very experienced specialist from the first moment.”

That day, Samuel went back to the hotel with all the information and aftercare tips he needed to keep in mind. He also had an online professional healthcare expert assigned to him in case he needed additional information.

Two days after his treatment, Samuel accepted our invitation to come and visit AriaMedTour team in our office in Tehran. His positive vibe left a smile on everyone’s face. He had a chat with the management and kindly sat in front of our cameras to depict the trip in his own words.

When Samuel was leaving Tehran, he was clearly satisfied with his decision to pick Iran for his hair transplant. We are more than happy to be able to provide the kind of service our clients deserve. It has always been our mission to see our patients wear a smile of satisfaction when they are leaving Iran.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Samuel in Iran!


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