Nose job in Iran is easier than what you may think

Shakhnoza is a young Tajik girl who lives in Dubai. As a beauty expert, she needed to be 100% confident with her appearance. She had long been considering modifying her nose to boost her self-esteem. But before making any hasty decisions, she had to look for a professional rhinoplasty surgeon who could reshape her nose while meeting her standards as a beauty expert.

While asking around, Shakhnoza realized that Iran is actually home to some of the most famous rhinoplasty surgeons in the world. Adding this to the fact that Iran has cultural, historical, and linguistic ties with her motherland, Tajikistan, Shakhnoza didn’t need more convincing to have her nose job done in Iran.

Shakhnoza contacted AriaMedTour through Instagram. After watching the videos of AriaMedTour’s previous patients, she found that she can rely on us. Our team assisted her from the initial consultation and choosing the right surgeon up until arranging accommodation and her entire trip.

“Before visiting Iran, I didn’t know how the country is like. But once I visited, I grew fond of it from the very first moment.”

During the earlier moments of her journey, Shakhnoza met her patient coordinator who was going to be with her throughout the entire journey. They went sightseeing in Tehran and then went to the surgeon’s office for the primary consultation before the surgery.

During the medical appointment, Shakhnoza shared her concerns and asked about the details of the procedure. Having had more than 10 years of experience, her surgeon described everything attentively. While reassuring her that the surgery is going to be a successful one, he also helped her have a realistic image of the surgical procedure and the bruises and swelling that could follow it.

Shakhnoza’s surgery went really well. She spent the next few days resting in her hotel room before visiting her doctor in a follow-up appointment. The surgeon evaluated her and provided her with all the post-op instructions she needed.

While leaving Iran, Shakhnoza told us that she was more than happy with her surgeon’s manners and the results of the surgery. She also added how wrong it is to think that Iran is a dangerous or difficult country to travel to.

“Many are doubtful about visiting Iran. They might think that Iran is a dangerous country. I would like to tell them that based on what I have experienced; Iran is a completely safe country.”

Shakhnoza’s medical trip was planned by AriaMedTour based on her needs. To have your own customized medical trip plan, click on the “free consultation” button and fill out the form. A healthcare specialist will get back to you ASAP.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Shakhnoza in Iran!


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