How did Veronica Tackle the “language barrier”

Veronica is a young Belgian woman with so much beauty both inside and out. She wanted to have a nose job not to please others or to look like the cover of beauty magazines; but because she genuinely thinks people should be able to benefit from the advanced medical techniques to enhance any feature they feel unhappy about. Here is how she went on to have her rhinoplasty in Iran.

To Veronica, the image of Iran was mostly based on Persian literature and Iranian writers. It wasn’t until one of her friends mentioned Iran for rhinoplasty surgery that she realized the country has so much more to it than an exotic culture. With further research, Veronica found that Iran is the top country for rhinoplasty.

AriaMedTour helped Veronica plan her trip to Iran accordingly. She didn’t need to be concerned about setting up medical appointments or booking flights and accommodation as the AriaMedTour care team would take care of every detail of her trip.

Finally, Veronica arrived in Tehran for her surgery. She met with her surgeon, went through the necessary medical assessments and was received in the international patient’s department of the hospital. Everything was perfectly planned. She also had an English-speaking patient care coordinator who would accompany her throughout the journey.

“The only thing that was difficult for me was the language barrier which was resolved thanks to AriaMedTour. I had my own interpreter and an English-speaking patient coordinator.”

On her final day in Iran, Veronica visited us at AriaMedTour HQ. She kindly accepted to give us a review of her nose job in Iran  in front of the camera. We asked her how she found AriaMedTour services. Here is how she responded:

“The healthcare team walked me through the entire process, they helped me a lot and they were always ready for me whenever I had questions. That reassured me a lot during this trip.”

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Veronica in Iran!


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