Iraqi woman speaks about daughter’s rhinoplasty experience in Tehran

Zahra is a 23-year-old Iraqi girl who has traveled to Iran with her mother to have a rhinoplasty. Having done a lot of research about nose reshaping surgery in Iran and other neighboring countries, she (and her family) decided to get her nose surgery by Dr. Peyman Boromand, a qualified Iranian ENT specialist and rhinoplasty surgeon. They had talked with many health tourism companies for arranging their travel and procedure and finally chose AriaMedTour.

They have been in touch with AriaMedTour for a month getting information and consultation about all they needed to travel to Iran and get the treatment. They checked lots of ‘before and after’ photos of nose jobs done by Dr. Boromand and were persuaded into having the girl’s nose surgery by the same doctor. As part of the regular process, Zahra sent photos of her nose to AriaMedTour in order to get preliminary consultation regarding her future procedure.

As a religious family, they were reluctant to travel aboard alone at first. They also could not easily trust travel agencies which specialize in medical tourism. But the weeks-long correspondence with AriaMedTour staff has convinced them of the reputation of the company in medical tourism.

Zahra and her mother asked the company for arrangements after making up their mind to hit the road to Tehran. After setting a date, AriaMedTour booked hotel room for them and fixed the rhinoplasty surgery appointment at Mostafa Hospital’s IPD (International Patients Department) by Dr. Boromand. They got their visas and took a flight to Tehran, feeling reassured that everything would go well as planned.

Arriving in Tehran

As soon as Zahra and her mother arrived at Tehran’s airport, they were picked up by AriaMedTour interpreter and tour guide to be transferred to the hospital for an initial consultation.

At the hospital, Dr. Boromand had a short conversation with the patient and her mother and took some photographs of her nose for his analysis as well as for later ‘before and after’ contrast. Accompanied by the tour guide, they were then transferred to their hotel by a taxicab.

Nose Operation day

The next day, AriaMedTour interpreter went to pick them up again and take them to the hospital for the surgery. The patient was admitted to the International Patients Department (IPD) of the hospital before undergoing some medical tests. Then the doctor gave a detailed pre-op consultation to the patient (and her mother) about the procedure, the desired and expected shape of the nose after surgery and instructions for the recovery and post-op period, all through the Persian-Arabic interpreter.

The patient then was taken to the operating room for the surgery which lasted for two hours. After the completion of the operation, she was taken to the recovery room to be taken care of by the nurses, spending a further 3 hours there until she got well enough to go home. The patient then was discharged from the hospital and they went to their hotel.

Mostafa Hospital International Patients Department

Hospital’s International Patients Department

Mostafa Hospital

Hospital uses state-of-the-art- equipment

Mostafa Hospital

Hospital’s outdoor terrace

After surgery

On the third day, they stayed in the hotel and AriaMedTour coordinator contacted them to convey the doctor’s instructions. The prescribed medications were also purchased by the guide and transferred to them at the hotel.

On their last (seventh) day of their stay in Tehran, Zahra and her mother came to AriaMedTour central office to thank the group for their cooperation during the process. The mother talked for a few minutes about the good services they received by AriaMedTour and the hospital. As a sign of hospitability, a small gift was presented to the guests by the head of the company and they left the office for the hospital with the interpreter for the final check-up and medical advice.  

At the hospital, the sutures and splint were removed by the doctor and the taping of the nose was performed and instructed by the doctor while at the same time it was video recorded to be used by the patient for further use.  

As the last step, an air travel permit was issued by the hospital so that the patient would not face any problems for her travel and be allowed by the security guards to board a plane. AriaMedTour guide bid the Iraqi guests a farewell and they left Iran for their country by plane.

After they left Iran, AriaMedTour staff kept contact with them to convey further medical advice and instructions, as a part of the follow-up services.

AriaMedTour rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty patient Zahra and her mother receiving a gift from AriaMedTour

Iraqi patients in Iran


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