Our nose job patient explains why having a professional patient coordinator matters

Zahra from Iraq came to Iran for rhinoplasty surgery. As it was her second time traveling to Iran, she had no concerns regarding Iran’s safety. She already knew the country and its hospitable people as well as how proficient Iranian plastic surgeons are. Yet, she was not going to throw caution to the wind and make a trip to Iran without professional planning.

It was during the Christmas holidays that Zahra decided to seek help from a medical tourism facilitator. However, she wanted to make sure she is being led by an eligible facilitator. So, she started looking for reputable companies with an excellent track record.

She found AriaMedTour through Instagram. After getting to know our services and evaluating how our previous patients’ results had turned out, she contacted one of our Arabic patient coordinators.

During the free medical consultation, Zahra described her concerns and expectations. Then, our coordinator explained everything Zahra needed, depicting how her journey will be arranged and offering her the most suitable nose surgeon. It was a relief to Zahra to know that everything from setting up doctor appointments to planning the trip and booking accommodation would be managed by AriaMedTour.

“AriaMedTour’s services started as soon as I set foot in the airport.”

When Zahra visited Iran, she met her interpreter. She was assigned to Zahra to help her throughout the journey. Her interpreter accompanied her both during the procedure and for sightseeing in the city. The two quickly developed a bond. So much so, that Zahra referred to her interpreter as her sister.

When Zahra was leaving Iran, she was excited to see the final results. She had always wanted an enhanced nose shape and we are thrilled to be able to fulfill her wish.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Zahraa in Iran!

Iraqi patients in Iran


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