Iraqi man takes fiancee to Iran for nose reshaping surgery

AriaMedTour is proud that it is chosen by a lot of Arab people from across the world as a health tourism facilitator for their medical and cosmetic treatments in Iran. This testimonial video shows an Iraqi who took his fiancée to Tehran for a rhinoplasty in Iran with one of the best nose surgeons.

Zaid’s fiancée (who asked for anonymity), wanted to get her nose reshaped by having the nasal wings reduced, the nasal tip lifted and the nasal bridge lowered. They had an online research to find out a good rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran and they came across After contacting the company, an Arabic speaking patient coordinator got back to them to give them a free consultation. They ask for whatever information they wanted to know and finally had the company arrange a trip for them as well as a surgery appointment with one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Tehran.

The couple soon arrived in Iran and were welcomed by AriaMedTour assistants. They were picked up from the airport and transferred to a hotel which was booked for them in advance, and the next day they were transferred to the doctor’s office to discuss her problems and expectation from a nose surgery. Then the doctor set a time for the surgery and she soon got her nose job done, a semi-fantasy nose style.

Completely happy with the result of the nose operation, the couple came to AriaMedTour’s office to express their satisfaction and gratitude to the team who had been helping them during the time they were staying in Iran. The company gave them a gift as a keepsake at the end of their trip and they left Iran for Iraq with a memorable experience.

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