A Life Lasting Experience for Samiha, Our Rhinoplasty Patient

In the first instance, deciding to go for a surgery in Iran may seem a little bit scary. This is because the big media portrays Iran as an unsafe country with poor quality medical services. However, this is not true at all. To erase this unfair portrait, we let our patients do the talking. To this end, here we provide you with our patient testimonial video and her nose job story in Iran.

Samiha, our patient from Oman, traveled to Iran along with her sisters. She stayed for a week in Tehran and visited Tehran’s tourist attractions, a visit which changed her mind about Iran.

Speaking of her nose surgery, she went through a smooth rhinoplasty operation after a pre-op visit with her surgeon. She had a meaty nose and opted for a natural style nose surgery. Through her nose surgery, her surgeon reduced the width of her nose wings. Accordingly, she got a nose with a straight nasal bridge. Samiha also had a successful body jet liposuction and dental procedure in Iran.

AriaMedTour arranged everything for Samiha’s medical trip to Iran, including visa arrangement, flight and hotel reservation, surgeon’s visit, surgery process and the like. In the end, Samiha’s medical journey in Iran turned into a life lasting experience. So, she returned to her country while she got a whole new vision of Iran, stating that she will travel to Iran again to discover more.

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