Romanian rhinoplasty patient says will come back to Iran

Choosing a top-notch experienced surgeon was all that Sheila needed to convince herself to undergo a second nose surgery. She began to dig into her options for a revision rhinoplasty until she found us on the internet. She picked up ‘Iran, the world capital of nose job’ as her surgery destination and went on a medical journey to reshape her nose.

Sheila, our Romanian patient, had a primary nose operation before traveling to Iran. Her nose was a fleshy one and she didn’t get the desired results out of her first surgery. So, she decided to go through a revision surgery to improve her nose shape. Through her revision rhinoplasty in Iran, the width of her nose wings was reduced, and her nasal tip was lifted. And finally, she got her ideal natural style nose.

Although she didn’t have a clear image of Iran prior to her trip, she braved it out and traveled to Iran with her friend, Elina. In the end, she was surprised by what she perceived in the country, including people, culture and surgery. She was thrilled with her surgery outcome, stating that she will be back for any future cosmetic/medical procedure whether a plastic surgery or not.

During her stay in Tehran, AriaMedTour’s guide accompanied Sheila and her friend. The company arranged a wonderful sightseeing for them in the city. She also received a lot of support both when in the country and after she left Iran.

See Photo Album of Sheila.

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