12 Things You Shouldn’t Do after Breast Augmentation

Are you planning to get a breast augmentation in the near future? If yes, you should know that there are two main factors contributing to effective breast surgery: one is the surgery itself and the other is the recovery. What we are going to talk about in this blog post is the one people are more likely to ignore, i.e. the recovery.

As your body experiences a dramatic change through the surgery, it needs time and, of course, attention to adjust to these alterations and get back on the track. To prepare you for a smooth recovery, here we’ve created a list of don’ts you need to follow.

woman holding breast implants in her hands

What not to do after breast augmentation?

1) Do not smoke

Stop smoking one month before and after the surgery as it can negatively affect your surgery’s results and prevent proper healing. By this, you are asked to avoid any nicotine-containing substances, be it a cigarette or any other stuff. This is because nicotine can put you in the risk of infection and you may feel more pain during the recovery as well.

2) Do not sleep on your stomach

How you sleep and how long you sleep matter a lot after getting breast implants. You need to sleep on your back with your head and shoulders raised with a pillow; otherwise, your implants may slip and shift to an incorrect position, which can cause various complications. To fully understand this, we ask you to read our related article on how to sleep properly after breast augmentation.

3) Don’t let go of your bra

Wearing a surgical or sports bra after surgery is a must. It can hold your breasts in place and help you sleep at night with ease of mind. So, wear your bra up to 3 to 4 weeks following your procedure.

4) Don’t shower for a few days

After getting your breast implants, do not take a shower or wash your breasts for at least 2 days and after that, you can wash your breasts gently without rubbing the treated areas harshly.

5) Don’t take aspirin under any circumstances

One of the complications people may face after their boob job is “hematoma”. It’s a condition in which the blood is accumulated in the tissues manipulated during the surgery. Patients taking aspirin after breast surgery are more likely to experience hematoma as aspirin thins the blood.

6) Don’t take pain medications or other drugs unless prescribed

During the healing time, which may last for about 1 to 2 weeks, be more cautious in taking medications and consult with your doctor if you need to take any medicine. In case you feel severe pain, ask your doctor to prescribe you the appropriate pain medication.

7) Don’t exercise for a while

Strenuous activities should be avoided for about 1 month. You can only go walking during this period. After 1 month, start doing lower body exercises and gradually go with upper body exercises.

8) Don’t lift heavy objects

After any plastic surgery, you need to be careful about heavy lifting. You should refrain from heavy lifting or even hugging and carrying your child for a few weeks to make sure you’re not ruining your surgery’s results.

9) Don’t swim

Swimming in a pool or sea may harm your body and expose your incisions to infection. So, we recommend you to put aside swimming for a while and instead enjoy walking on the beach or having your lemonade by the pool.

woman with a hat relaxing in a pool without swimming in summer

Don’t soak your upper body in the water for a few weeks after breast augmentation.

10) Don’t go for sun tanning too early

Sun rays can make your surgical scars bolder. Although you can go to the beach for swimming after the first month, we recommend you to avoid sun tanning for a longer period of time (until your scars start to fade away and become less prominent).

11) Don’t drink alcohol

You need to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages before the surgery. Furthermore, stopping alcohol consumption for a week or two after the surgery can give you a quicker recovery.

12) Don’t turn it on so soon

Although you and your partner may get an intense craving for sex after your surgery, you better wait a little bit or take cautions when having sex. By cautions, we mean “wearing bras and avoiding putting pressures on your breasts”.