Pediatric dentistry in Iran: dentistry for children

Is it difficult to get your child to brush his teeth? Does it seem like a daunting task to coax young children into brushing and flossing on a regular basis? Well, you’re not alone and this is not a new problem! History suggests that dentistry (and pediatric dentistry) dates back to 5000 B.C.! In fact, ancient texts from the Sumerian civilization trace the origin of dental hygiene to the said date with the mention of “tooth worms” as the cause of dental decay. Dentististry for kids is today a seperate subspecialty of dentistry dealing with the dental problems of children. High-quality dental care for children is available in Iran at reasonable prices. Read on to lear more about dentistry for children and contact us for more details about our service and prices.

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During the middle ages, dental care gradually turned into a real profession. The journey of teeth and their professionals takes us from China of the year 700, where “silver paste” was used as a type of amalgam, to France, when in 1210, a guild of barbers was established and later categorized into two distinct groups: well-educated surgeons who provided a host of more complex services; and barber-surgeons who were assigned to menial services such as extracting teeth, among other things mostly related to their primary duties as barbers.

All that said, let’s skip over lots of developments in between and fast-forward to the last century when dentistry, as a science, led to great innovations. Certain techniques such as sit down and four-handed dentistry where developed during this timeline; moreover, the use of lasers was incorporated into the practice of dentistry. The advent of electric toothbrushes happened in Switzerland after World War II. Later on, specialists from the United States improved upon the initial prototype and introduced the cordless model to the world. As can be perceived, the world of dentistry has come a long way since its initial days of the early civilizations to take care of our teeth.

Pediatric dentistry, however, is a subcategory which has its own particular aspects and demands a certain mode of conduct. A pediatric dentist’s patient might not be a well-behaved adult, but an irritated and scared child who dreads the equipment available at the dentist’s office or simply resists sitting motionless in the chair. Therefore, special care and attention has to be paid to the special patients who frequent a pediatric dentist’s office.

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Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry dealing with children’s dental problems and oral care

Pediatric dentistry: definition and scope

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry defines pediatric dentistry as an age-defined sub-specialty of dentistry dealing with the oral health care issues of children within that specific age group and providing them with preventive and therapeutic dental services. The mentioned age group can include infants and children to young adults who are in their adolescent years.

During formative years, a healthy diet is paramount to children and their parents; therefore, if a child’s tooth hurts and he is not able to eat properly, this issue will most probably bring about dire consequences both for the child and the parents. Considering the above-mentioned fact, a child had better be recognized as an actual patient. More often than not, parents don’t pay much heed to the problems associated with their child’s early teeth. Decaying or decayed primary teeth are usually dismissed as milk teeth which eventually will fall off. Fortunately, with the help of print and electronic media, this detrimental attitude of parents has been changing during the previous decades and they seem to become more alert to such issues.

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Pediatric dentists: what services do they provide?

A pediatric dentist is one who has the qualifications and experience to care for a child’s teeth, gum and mouth through various stages of childhood. Children get their first teeth during the first six months of their life. At almost 6 or 7, they gradually lose their first set of teeth; then, permanent teeth replace the first temporary ones. During all these early stages of a child’s life, it is a job for a pediatric dentist to care for various aspects of the child’s oral hygiene and all the issues associated with their teeth, gum and mouth.

In terms of services, a pediatric dentist is supposed to provide a diverse and comprehensive variety of oral health care. Here is a list of various services children and their parents can expect their dentist to offer:

  1. Preventive dental care; this broad category can include cleaning and fluoride treatments, as well as nutrition and diet recommendations.
  2. Infant oral health exams; this entails risk assessment with regard to the chance of caries (decays) in mother and child
  3. Early assessment and treatment; this is an important and influential service which paves the way for more strengthened teeth and helps correct an improper bite via orthodontics

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  1. Repair of tooth cavities or defects
  2. Management, control and treatment of gum diseases and conditions including ulcers, short frenula, and pediatric periodontal disease
  3. Habit counseling (including pacifier and thumb sucking)
  4. Care for dental injuries (for example, fractured, displaced, or knocked-out teeth)

Pediatric dentistry in Iran

It seems quite reasonable to choose Iran for your oral care-associated procedures. Dentistry, as an academic discipline, is highly in demand in Iran and every year many of its graduates start their practice. Many specialized clinics are specifically dedicated to the cause of dentistry in many major cities of Iran. In addition to Tehran, as the capital city, other megacities such as Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz, as well as Kish Island provide dental care services on a huge scale and in a wide variety of forms. Apart from adults who receive all kinds of services ranging from examination and extraction to implants, etc., children are as well treated in many specialized centers and clinics that benefit from highly-skilled pediatric dentists. Dentistry for children in Iran is a well-developed subspeciality and dental clinics offer effective dental care for kids at affordable prices.

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Iran offers effective and affordable pediatric dentistry services in most-advanced clinics and hospitals

Cost of children’s dentistry in Iran

Generally speaking, oral health care services cost relatively a lot; however, these services and procedures would cost a lot more if you were to have them done in a country such as the United States or England. What we offer is the same services with the same quality but at a much lower price compared to most other countries. For instance, a dental implant would cost $400 or more in the United Kingdom and the United States, whereas the same service would cost $80 in Iran; other services follow the same principle with regard to costs and the cost of dentistry for kids in Iran is no exception. Therefore, we invite you to travel to Iran and while enjoying a pleasurable stay and benefiting from numerous opportunities of sightseeing, have your children’s teeth fixed and return home assured that your loved one will not suffer from the same problem for a long time.