Why Iran for hair transplant?

Hair loss is surely one of the most annoying, and quite frankly, depressing things that can happen to a person; be it a man or even a woman. Those who suffer from receding hairlines can quickly develop severe cases of depression. One’s self-confidence could as well become drastically affected by gradual hair loss. All judgments aside, hair transplant seems like a viable solution to the laments of those who are grappling with this problem on a daily basis. As a procedure that most often guarantees results in a rather short time, hair transplantation has been gaining considerable ground over the last several years. It is kind of an all-in-one package: the patient undergoes a mostly pain-free treatment and after a short while can resume his normal day-to-day life as if such a thing had never happened!

why Iran for hair transplant

Hair loss is a serious problem for a great number of men and even some women

Anyone who seeks improvement of their appearance and a chance to regain their youth and beauty would naturally want to make sure that they are making the best choice from among a variety of available options. Based on a cursory inspection of the relevant data on the internet, anyone would be able to find a diverse variety of medical centers all over the world offering professional medical services. Therefore, it would be wise to consider all options and different aspects of the matter and only then make an informed decision. In various other articles on this same website, we have suggested Iran as a viable option for all sorts of cosmetic procedures; in this article, too, we would like to strongly recommend Iran as a nearly-perfect hair transplant destination for people from all over the world for a host of reasons. Thus, we invite you to embark upon this journey with us and explore the different dimensions of having a hair transplant surgery in the beautiful country that is the great civilization of Persia.

hair transplant in turkey

Iran is considered one of the best countries for hair transplant

For one thing, most Iranian surgeons working in the field of hair transplantation have golden reputations which come with years of experience and multitudes of successful surgeries. This is mostly due to the extremely high demand for hair transplant treatments in various cities of Iran. Such a claim can be supported by the mere statistics which suggest that every year, a rather large number of individuals from different countries come to Iran to undergo this treatment. With regard to the flow of international patients into Iran, it would be illuminating to mention that Iran has recently been ranked as one of the leading hubs of hair transplant surgeries among the Middle Eastern countries. Every year, people from various countries including England, Canada, Germany, India, Australia, and many Middle Eastern countries travel to Iran in search of high-quality medical services, many of whom seek the elixir of youth through procedures of hair transplantation.

Another factor which seems to greatly influence the decision-making process of prospective candidates of hair transplant procedures is the rather low costs of such surgeries in Iran. Compared with European countries and the United States, Iran enjoys the same high-quality physicians who offer similar treatments at dramatically lower prices in their dermatology clinics and hospitals in many cities around the country. The approximate fee for a hair transplant treatment in Iran amounts to something around $1000 to $1600; the exact same procedure in a European country costs something in the neighborhood of $6000 to $16000; the United States can as well be categorized in the same price range: $6000 to $16000. Therefore, it can easily be perceived that Iran, with considerably lower fees for high-quality hair transplant treatments, ranks high on the price front. The juxtaposition of highly-qualified surgeons (courtesy of the unbelievably high demand for hair transplant treatments) and the affordability of such procedures, owing to the disparity between the currency rates, has provided the ample backdrop for Iran to turn into one of the most renowned hubs of hair transplant surgeries both in the Middle East and in the world. All that said, we, at AriaMedTour, would like to extend a warm welcome to tourists from the world over who are considering Iran for their medical needs and purposes. We guarantee a quite pleasurable stay in our country with lots of opportunities for sightseeing. Iran offers plenty of opportunities to travelers from all over the world to both have their medical procedures done in modern facilities and at the hands of highly-qualified physicians and also to experience a memorable stay at one of the most ancient civilizations that has ever existed.