Julia and her husband Luca are from Verona, Italy. They traveled to Iran for plastic surgeries. Julia had already had a rhinoplasty in Italy, but that was an unsuccessful one that caused some complications for her, forcing her to decide to undergo a revision or secondary rhinoplasty to fix the problems. Italian doctors referred Julia to Iranian rhinoplasty surgeons, as a revision nose surgery requires great skill and experience.

Julia, who has medical education herself, started research about nose surgery in Iran and Iranian surgeons. Having already heard about Dr. Farshid Mahboubirad, she did more online research to find more information about this famous specialist and she found some ‘before & after’ photos of his previous works, as well as his resume, finally choosing to have her surgery with him.

Julia was very interested to travel to Iran and meet her favorite plastic surgeon. So, she contacted AriaMedTour and asked the company to arrange a nose surgery appointment and a trip to Iran for her and her husband.

AriaMedTour booked the doctor’s and hospital appointment and a hotel for Julian and Luca so that they could travel to Iran while saving a lot of hassle. The company also gave them private transfer and interpreting services while they were in Iran, to name but a few of the numerous services it provides to the foreign health tourists.

Julia and Luca visited the doctor as scheduled. She was very happy to see the doctor in person. The doctor gave Julia a detailed expert consultation and listened to her complaints. Then he ordered that she have the required pre-op tests and get her nose photographed, which he uses for analysis.

Before the surgery appointment, Julia and Luca visited a few attractions in Tehran, including Milad Tower. They tried Iranian food and bought Iranian handicrafts. In a rainy day, the couple described Tehran as “romantic”.

Finally, the Italian guests received a small gift from their host AriaMedTour, which was an ornamental handicraft dish. This made the couple very happy and they said that they would bring a present for AriaMedTour the next time they visit Iran.

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