Marouane’s nose job story in Iran; plus photos

Choosing to travel to another country to undergo a nose surgery is not a decision that you just wake up one morning and decide to go for it the next day. This decision not only will change your appearance but also may bring many complications like the risk of not liking the surgery result. This is exactly what happened to Marouane, our patient from the Netherlands. He had a previous unsuccessful rhinoplasty before traveling to Iran to undergo a revision nose surgery.

Marouane, our young Dutch patient, traveled to Iran to get his nose job done under the knife of an Iranian nose surgeon. He started considering this country as his surgery destination once he saw the perfect results of his Iranian friend’s nose operation. He searched the internet, found AriaMedTour and traveled to the country afterward.

Speaking of his surgery, Marouane went through a smooth revision rhinoplasty at a modern hospital in Iran. His surgeon made his nasal bridge narrower and fixed his nasal tip to give him a natural style nose shape.

Our Dutch patient also had an eyebrow lift, cleft chin removal, and eyelid surgery done in the country. In the end, he went back home while he was happy with his surgeries and the overall experience he had in the country.

Watch testimonial video of Marouane.

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