From Dubai to Tehran in order to perform a revision nose job in Iran

From Dubai to Tehran in order to perform a revision nose job in Iran

More than 15% of patients who have rhinoplasty need revision surgery. Revision rhinoplasty is more complex and sensitive than primary surgery and must be performed by specialized and experienced surgeons.

Aisha, who is of Sudanese origin, had done her primary surgery about 10 years ago and decided to have her revision surgery in the “rhinoplasty capital of the world”, Iran.

She lives in the UAE (Dubai) and before taking any action, she took advantage of AriaMedtour’s free online consulting service and shared all her questions and concerns with them. AriaMedtor experts told Aisha about all the requirements for her surgery and asked her to send them any pictures and tests that show the current condition of her nose.

The Ariamdtour team then made the necessary arrangements for a two-week stay in Iran in a 5-star hotel and linked her to one of Iran’s best surgeons, who is also known internationally. A number of pictures related to this doctor’s revision rhinoplasties were also sent to her to make sure that the best choice was made for her. All work related to her visa and other services required was also coordinated.

After arriving in Iran, she was visited by the surgeon at the earliest and was asked to have a CT scan, as she had not done this before. She was then operated on in a modern, well-equipped clinic. 10 days after the surgery, the caster was removed from her nose and Aisha was able to have a first look at her surgery.

On the last day of Aisha’s stay in Iran, we happily hosted her and her translator, who accompanied Aisha throughout the trip, at Ariamadtour’s office. The day she attended the Ariamedtour company coincided with the birthday of a member of the company; this enabled us to create happy and memorable moments together and took some memorial photos.

One of the Iranian handicrafts was also given to her as a gift and a souvenir from Iran.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Aisha in Iran!

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