AriaMedTour fulfills Daria’s wish through revision rhinoplasty in Iran

AriaMedTour fulfills Daria’s wish through revision rhinoplasty in Iran

Daria, our sweet Russian guest from Volgograd, is a 20 years old medical student who wished to have her nose small and symmetrical.

She had undergone a nose job in Turkey six months ago, but she was not satisfied with the result. The nose tip was a bit plump and a bit asymmetrical. Unfortunately, the nose not yet had the right shape.

Therefore, she searched the internet looking for the best option to fix her nose and learned about Iran. She wanted to have a revision nose job in Iran, because Iran is the capital of rhinoplasty in the world as she expressed and because there are excellent doctors in the field of plastic surgery and rhinoplasty.

“I was very upset and did not want to go to turkey again when I found out that plastic surgery in Iran is very good.”

While surfing the internet, she came across AriaMedTour and learned more about how Aria works. Consequently, she contacted us and asked for a trip arrangement.

Immediately our special team took care of everything, including booking the hotel room, providing an assistant to accompany Daria through the trip, and choosing the doctor.

Our mission was to fulfill her wish to be someone else with a different look. The surgery went successfully and the results were great and satisfying for Daria. She was very happy and glad. Finally, her dream comes true.

“When I leave with a small and beautiful nose and with indescribable joy in my eyes. It is very symmetrical and beautiful and that is what I wanted.”

Daria was very worried as her parents and friend were afraid before she traveled to Iran because they knew Iran as a very dangerous and terrible country.

However, when she came here, everything was opposite and different from what they had in their minds. Daria visited many places, she was feeling safe and happy and everything was fine.

Daria thanks AriaMedTour for allowing people’s wishes to come true, and recommend our company to all people.

“I hope new patients come to this company every day and fulfill their wishes like me.”

According to Daria, Aria is the best in everything it provides and will facilitate everything with the extra services.

AriaMedTour fulfilled Daria’s wish by planning her medical journey for a nose job experience in Iran. If you would like to have your wishes come true, by us as well, all you have to do is to click on “Free Quote” and fill the form, or just to send us a message through WhatsApp. Our services are 24/7 available, and you will be answered by one of our health care specialists as soon as possible.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Daria in Iran!

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