Delshad’s second trip to Iran for a revision hair transplant

Delshad’s second trip to Iran for a revision hair transplant

We hosted Delshad for the second time this year; An Iraqi Kurdish patient who traveled to Iran from the United Kingdom to complete his hair transplant treatment. Delshad’s first trip to Iran took place about a year and a half ago, during which he performed his hair transplant in one of the best and most advanced hair transplant clinics in Iran.

Many patients are satisfied with their results after initial hair transplant, but sometimes patients may want to have revision treatment to improve their results and increase overall density or they want to bring their results closer to their desire. As with any other surgical procedure, there is no 100% guarantee of success or guarantee of your desired results, especially in aesthetic procedures.

You should be careful about any hair transplant surgeon who claims a 100% guarantee of results, as they may be a quack!

Because Iran is a very advanced country in the field of hair transplantation, many people choose this country for a hair transplant. Meanwhile, the price of medical services in Iran is significantly lower than European countries, the United States and the United Kingdom. It was these amazing circumstances that made Delshad travel to Iran from England for his treatment.

Ariamdtour, as a reputable company in the field of medical tourism, undertakes all the services required by patients, including visas, accommodation, coordination with the best doctors and clinics, transfer, providing a full-time translator, visiting the tourist attractions of Iran, etc.
Ariamedtour believes the patient should not have any worries during his/her stay in Iran.

Delshad, who is a barber himself, received 700-800 grafts in his second hair transplant session. Since hair transplantation is an outpatient treatment, he only stayed in Iran for three days. However, with a city tour and a trip to the mountains around Tehran, he combined this medical trip with a pleasant one.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Delshad in Iran!

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