British Guy Shares Nose Job Experience in Iran

British Guy Shares Nose Job Experience in Iran

Erfan, nicknamed Zola, is a British-Iranian guy who came to Iran for a nose job. He had already heard that Iran is a leading country in rhinoplasty. As he was researching for a qualified Iranian surgeon, he found out that Dr Peyman Boromand is a distinguished ENT specialist who is very famous in Iran for his quality nose job surgeries.

Raised in Britain, Erfan could not speak Farsi very well, so he had an interview in English talking about his great rhinoplasty experience in Iran.

“I’m Erfan. I had my nose operation with Dr boromand. He was great, very helpful,” says the young man. “I really recommend him if you want to get your nose operation.”

Erfan confirms that when the operation finishes, the job wouldn’t be done for the team as they stay with you to guide you throughout your recovery. “(They) let me know what to do, what not to do. Very very clear about what you should eat, what you should drink, where you should go.” He says that his doctor did exactly what he wanted him to do. 

rhinoplasty in Tehran - Iran

Erfan and his nose job surgeon Dr Boromand

Nose Job Capital

Iran is named the nose job capital of the world for having the most rhinoplasty surgeries per population. Iranian nose job surgeons are highly skillful and experienced. The demand for rhinoplasty surgery is so high that it has made the Iranian plastic surgeons extraordinarily prolific so much so that some of them have several ops a day.

Not only is the quality of rhinoplasty in Iran exceptional, the affordable costs are also eye-catching. People from around the world are increasingly flocking to Iran to get their noses under the knife and Tehran is now the hottest destination for nose job candidates.


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