Australian man visits Iran for revision rhinoplasty

Ian’s Plastic Surgery Experience in Iran

Ian has traveled from Brisbane, Australia to Tehran for nose surgery. According to him, he already has been to Iran for facial plastic surgeries. This time, he is in Iran for a revision rhinoplasty or a second nose job.

Unhappy with his previous nose job result, Ian requested for revision surgery with one of the best and reputable Iranian nose surgeons through AriaMedTour. The company facilitated the whole process of Ian’s journey and treatment by getting the visa for him, booking the hotel and organizing his city transfer as well as the surgery itself.

The arrangement of all services needed by health tourists traveling from abroad, all in one single package, is an important advantage of the company, to which Ian refers as a ‘one stop shop’ from which you can get all you need for your travel and your cosmetic or medical treatment.

Ian has gained a positive image of Iran after his trips to the country, especially the last one. He says Iran is a ‘truly beautiful country’ with hospitable people. He also liked the food. He confirms that Iran is a very safe country to travel, unlike what people see on the media. “It’s a big world, it’s a scary world, but don’t believe everything you see on the media. It’s actually very nice and safe,” he says.

“They really make you feel like you’re part of the family, which is really nice. Even walking down the street, I really don’t feel unsafe,” added Ian.

Ian had a previous nose job by Dr. Farshid Mahboubirad, as well as jaw, cheek, chin and lip implants. Dr. Mahboubirad is a well-known Iranian plastic surgeon, a doctor with a high reputation and proficiency. Unluckily, Ian broke his nose in an unfortunate accident, prompting him to consider a revision rhinoplasty to correct the deficiency and fine-tune the shape. Dr. Mahboubirad offers his patients a free revision rhinoplasty in case they are not completely happy with their noses or there are some problems after the primary rhinoplasty.

“I have to say he’s probably one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the world. I can’t speak highly enough of him,” says Ian, referring to Dr. Mahboubirad.

As part of our services to foreign patients, Ian was picked up at the airport, and taken to a restaurant for a welcoming lunch and then to his hotel on a historical Tehran street. All his transportation from the hotel to the hospital and vice versa was arranged by our company.

After visiting his doctor for the last time to remove the nose splint and tape the nose, Ian left Iran for his country with pleasant memories. He had already had good experiences of traveling to Iran, but the last one was something special for him. “I wished I knew about them years ago; I would have taken advantage of it then,” says Ian, referring to AriaMedTour. “They are so lovely. I can’t speak highly enough of them.”

Nose Job Capital

Iran is named the nose job capital of the world for having the most rhinoplasty surgeries per capita. Iranian nose job surgeons are highly skillful and experienced. The demand for rhinoplasty surgery is so high that it has made the Iranian plastic surgeons extraordinarily prolific so much so that some of them have several ops a day.

Not only is the quality of rhinoplasty in Iran exceptional, but the affordable costs are also eye-catching. People from around the world are increasingly flocking to Iran to get their noses under the knife and Tehran is now the hottest destination for rhinoplasty candidates.

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