Italian woman gets revision rhinoplasty in Iran, shares experience

Italian woman gets revision rhinoplasty in Iran, shares experience

This video shows Julia from Verona, Italy speaking about her experience with AriaMedTour. She has made a trip to Tehran along with her boyfriend for a revision rhinoplasty. Having had an unsuccessful nose surgery in Italy, which made her develop complications, Julia wanted to have a revision surgery. This time, however, she had to be extra careful in selecting a rhinoplasty surgeon. That is why she did exhaustive research to find the best doctor for her surgery, finally being recommended by Italian doctors to go to Iran for that end. As she was looking for the best Iranian nose surgeon, she found out about a famous Iranian specialist who is known for his skillful revision rhinoplasty as well as fantasy nose surgery.

Julia did online searches to find out more about this doctor, and in the end, came across AriaMedTour health tourism agency on the internet. Then, she contacted the company and asked for information about her favorite doctor she had chosen to go under his knife. AriaMedTour’s patient coordinator provided her with detailed information, both with regards to the doctor and the way she could have her trip and surgery arranged by the company. She also was shown ‘before and after’ photos of previous rhinoplasty works of the doctor she requested, which very much appealed to her taste.

The Italian woman finally arrived in Iran with her boyfriend on a tour organized by AriaMedTour. After the couple spent a few days in Tehran visiting the tourist attractions of the city—which they liked very much and described it as ‘romantic’—Julia had her nose surgery done successfully and her boyfriend also had a general surgery on his stomach.

As you can see in the above video, Julia speaks in Italian about the very pleasant experience she and her boyfriend had in Iran with the help of the most reputable medical tourism facilitator in Iran, AriaMedTour. As the final step in AriaMedTour-arranged health trips, the couple was given a special gift before departing Iran for their country.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Julia in Iran!


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