A failure in a nose job surgery turns into a successful one in Iran

A failure in a nose job surgery turns into a successful one in Iran

Ksenija is a 43 years old woman from Spain. She is originally from Montenegro. Five years ago, she had a rhinoplasty surgery in Montenegro which was a huge failure as it ruined her nose. Since that time, she has been searching for a good doctor to fix her nose through a revision rhinoplasty. However it was not easy because of the complex case her nose has turned into which made it difficult for any doctor to repair.

One time, she has heard about an Iranian doctor who has operated on some people from Serbia and the results turned out to be a great success. This information has brought her back some hope. She got excited and immediately searched for him on Instagram where she has found a phone number and some before and after photos.

Ksenija did not know what to do and how to contact him since she is not familiar with the language. She decided to pay a visit to her friend Perica, who is married to an Iranian man. At first, she was terrified by the idea of travelling to Iran due to the political events that she hears about in Iran. However, when she arrived to Iran, she was surprised to see a beautiful and safe country. Her friend Perica has advised her to contact AriaMedTour as it will be a great help.

Contacting AriaMedTour did get her a great help. She got an assistant who accompanied her through her journey in Iran, medical services, and an appointment with the doctor she is here to see. She had a great time in the popular markets in Iran. She bought some natural types of herbal tea.

Ksenija advises people who have complex medical cases to come to Iran where they will get the best medical treatment and the satisfying results.

That’s how Ksenija’s trip for revision rhinoplasty in Iran was arranged by AriaMedTour. If you would like to have your journey to Iran planned, contact AriaMedTour through our website or via WhatsApp. Our help center will reply to you as soon as possible and provide you a specialized online consultation.

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