So happy with her nose after being revised in Iran

So happy with her nose after being revised in Iran

Nose surgeries have become simple and commonly wide spread. However, some nose surgeries may not be completely successful, which asks for another surgery to correct the damage.

This is the case of Magida’s nose. Magida, who is originally from Lebanon but resides in Australia, had a previous nose surgery in Pakistan. However, the results were not satisfying. For this reason, Magida decided to travel to Iran to have a revision rhinoplasty.

Magida heard that Iran is famous for nose surgeries and that the Iranian surgeons have a great reputation for being the best at performing successful rhinoplasty, especially revision nose jobs that require high proficiency.

She learned about AriaMedTour from the internet. She contacted their online consultation. AriaMedTour helped arrange her medical trip; they took care of flight procedures for her, reserved an elegant hotel room, and provided her with all the information she needed. The patient coordinator called Magida many times to check on her, and she was also waiting for her arrival in the airport.

Preparing for revision rhinoplasty

Magida went to the hotel at first to put her luggage in the room and rest after a long flight from Australia to Iran. After that, she went to the hospital to have a CT scan for her nose. The next day, Magida underwent some medical tests. Since she was fasting before the medical tests, she went to have a nice Iranian dish in the restaurant. Then she went to the AriaMedTour headquarter to take professional photos for her nose.

Magida has taken the photos, medical test results and the CT scan to the surgeon who is going to perform her revision rhinoplasty. During the medical appointment, Magida and the surgeon discussed the details of the surgery. The surgeon who is professional with a high level of proficiency relieved her concerns and promised her that there is nothing to worry about, because the surgery will be a great success. In the evening, she went to a tourist place called the Azadi tower. It was an amazing place that she loved and took a lot of photos for memory.

The surgery and early recovery

The next day was the day of her surgery. She got herself ready for it. She was excited and optimistic. After the surgery, she went to rest in the hotel room. In the next day, she visited a shrine where people come to pray. In the next medical appointment, the surgeon removed the bandage and explained that the results will start to show when the swells wear off. Magida left Iran hoping that she would come back later for another visit.

A word for Iran

At first, I was scared because I am here on my own without a companion. But after seeing the assistant of AriaMedTour waiting for me and the kindness of the employees at the airport, I was filled with the warmth of their hearts.

The hospitality and kindness of the Iranian people made Magida feel like home. She was very happy in Iran that she did not even want to leave.

In Iran, everything was amazing.

Magida loved every moment she has spent in Iran. Everything was on a high level of accuracy and proficiency; the hotel was comfortable and had a nice view, AriaMedTour group were very helpful and their services have saved her a lot of effort and time, and let us not forget the nice treatment she has received from the staff of Aria group and the medical staff. Iran has left a good impression in Magida’s heart.

This is how AriaMedTour arranged Magida’s medical trip in Iran. If you would like to have your own medical trip planned by AriaMedTour, hit “Free Quote” and fill out the form or just contact us on WhatsApp, and enjoy our various services.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Magida in Iran!

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