The curious case of an Iraqi doctor: a challenging nose job that went well

Dr. Mahdi Kadhim is an Iraqi doctor who makes prudent decisions based on his expertise. For many years, he had been suffering from an allergy that was contributing to sinusitis. Mahdi knew a functional rhinoplasty could both improve the symptoms and help him enhance his appearance.

For Mahdi, Iran is not a country where he feels homesick in. He travels back and forth all the time between Iraq and Iran to make pilgrimages to the Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad or explore the countryside and shop from the bazaars. This time, however, he visited Tehran to get something he had been wanting to do for a long time; he wanted to get a nose job surgery.

While Mahdi knows Tehran like the back of his hand, he wasn’t willing to take the risk and travel to Iran without ensuring that the necessary arrangements are made. So, he started looking for a medical tourism service provider in Iran and soon enough, he found AriaMedTour. He needed all the paperwork taken care of, his flight and hotel booked, and his safety guaranteed. He realized that AriaMedTour can offer what he asked for plus insurance, on-call healthcare expert, and interpreter. Without a second thought, he contacted us.

Mahdi had a thorough consultation with one of our medical consultants in his own language, Arabic. He was thrilled to know that we can set him up with the doctor that he had already had in mind. After explaining his needs and expectations, he was offered a range of packages to choose from. Satisfied, he chose a package that suited both his budget and requirements.

Dr. Kadhim arrived in Tehran still unsure if he made the right choice. But once he met the doctor in person, he was convinced that his surgeon is “experienced and proficient”. His doctor explained that given his fleshy nose type, the nose job surgery was going to be a tricky one. But, this wasn’t a problem because the surgeon had a wide experience in that area.

“The surgeon’s experience and proficiency have surpassed his popularity. That’s why I had complete trust to go under his knife.”

On the day of surgery, he was accompanied by his interpreter. The hospital’s IPD (International Patients’ Department) made the arrangements and Mahdi’s operation began.

After the surgery, Mahdi was given instructions about the recovery steps. Within a few days, he was recovered enough to explore the city on his own. According to Mahdi, “Tehran is a good place to travel to”.

On the tenth day after his surgery, Mahdi visited his doctor again to have his splint removed. No longer experiencing any breathing problems, he hit on the road to Mashhad to visit the shrine of Imam Reza before leaving for Iraq.

AriaMedTour makes sure your trip to Iran includes, but is not limited to, a high-quality treatment. Explore other patient stories to see our other patients’ unique experiences.

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