Marouane shares revision rhinoplasty experience in Iran

The decision to have plastic surgery is a big one, and the reason to move forward is different for every person. For Marouane, our Dutch patient, lack of self-satisfaction with the results of his primary rhinoplasty encouraged him to go for a revision rhinoplasty. As he saw how successful the nose surgery of his Iranian friend was, he chose ‘Iran’ as his nose job destination. Watch his testimonial video and read on to find out how his medical journey to Iran went on.

Marouane traveled from the Netherlands to Iran to get his ideal nose shape under the knife of an Iranian nose surgeon. His first rhinoplasty didn’t go perfectly, so he decided to have a revision rhinoplasty surgery in this country. He found us on the internet, contacted one of our patient’s coordinators, prepared himself for the trip and traveled to Tehran shortly.

AriaMedTour received him as soon as he arrived at the airport. One of our English-speaking guides accompanied him during his course of treatment and surgery. He spent 10 days in the city, getting his nose job done as well as having eyebrow lift, cleft removal, and blepharoplasty.

Speaking of his surgery, Marouane went through a smooth revision rhinoplasty at a modern hospital in Iran. His surgeon made his nasal bridge narrower and fixed his nasal tip to give him a natural style nose shape.

In the end, he went back home while he was pleased with the results of his surgeries and the overall experience he had in the country, describing how helpful AriaMedTour was and how safe he felt when in the country.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Marouane in Iran!


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