American Patient: “I Wish There Were More Companies Like This Everywhere”

American Patient: “I Wish There Were More Companies Like This Everywhere”

It was a tough decision for Michell whether to ignore all those bad things she saw in the news about Iran and fly to the country for surgery or err on the side of caution and think about another destination. But deeper research helped her shed some of the hesitations and decide to come to Iran for a nose job.

The 30-year-old, who lives in the United States but has Arminian roots, has gone under the knife twice before, but the result wasn’t what she wanted. A second revision rhinoplasty would have much more challenges for the surgeon, so it was crucial that this time she choose an experienced surgeon with extensive expertise in performing this type of surgery. As she heard that there is a plethora of such surgeons in Iran who can do the job, she started researching the best plastic surgeons in Iran and came across our Instagram.

After reading about us and watching our videos, Michell messaged us and asked about details. Our coordinators gave her all the information she needed, both about our rhinoplasty surgeons and about the country, which gave her a sense of relief about the safety and security here.

She finally had her trip arranged with the help of us and flew to Tehran and had her surgery done with one of our best rhinoplasty surgeons. In the video above, Michell talks about her experience with AriaMedTour, describing it as “absolutely amazing.”

I wish there were more companies like this everywhere because they made me so comfortable,” says Michell.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Michell in Iran!


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