The Third Time I Decided to Undergo Revision rhinoplasty in Iran

The Third Time I Decided to Undergo Revision rhinoplasty in Iran

Mohammed is a 32-year-old man. He is originally from Syria but resides in the Denmark. Mohammed suffers from nasal problems. He had done rhinoplasty two times and this is the story of his third one that has undergone in Iran.

While surfing the web, Mohammed came across the AriaMedTour website. He entered the website and watched the videos of the previous patients and they were very satisfying. He has chosen Iran to be his one and only choice for his revision rhinoplasty because this country is the best at doing rhinoplasty surgeries.

He then contacted AriaMedTour to have a trip arrangement. At first, he was a little bit uncomfortable with the idea of traveling to Iran because of all the news he hears about Iran all the time. However, once he arrived to the airport of Iran, he felt safe. The assistant of AriaMedTour was waiting for Mohammed’s arrival at the airport. He was recognized by the sign he was carrying.

The hotel room was previously booked for Mohammed by AriaMedTour. And so was his appointment with the doctor. So, he went to the hotel, accompanied by the assistant, to put his luggage in the room and then they went to the doctor’s office.

They had a long conversation talking about Mohammed’s nose and the previous surgeries he had done. The doctor then examined his nose physically and asked for an MRI for the nose. The assistant was with Mohammed the whole time and he even helped him with the communication process since he is not aware of the language.

The assistant took Mohammed to the hospital and helped him get an MRI for his nose. Then they went back to the doctor’s office, where the doctor viewed the MRI and set an appointment for the surgery. Since Mohammed had been under the knife before, he was not stressed about the surgery. But what he was hoping is to get successful and satisfying results and that is what the doctor had promised saying that he has done many successful revision nose surgeries before which means that he is completely in good hands.

The surgery went very well and the results were satisfying for Mohammed who was thrilled about it. Mohammed compared his experience in Iran to his previous experiences. He noticed that health care in Iran is excellent, the doctors are very competent and good at what they do. They devote their time, knowledge, experience and energy to their work and they are well aware of the responsibility they carry. All these features made Iran the best choice amongst other countries that consider medicine a profitable business.

Mohammed advises everyone to watch the videos of the patients in AriaMedTour’s website, come to Iran, and experience the bright results.

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