Indian girl gets hair transplant done in Iran

Indian girl gets hair transplant done in Iran

The Case of a Female Hair Transplant in Iran

Mona Nakki is an Indian girl who had hair loss problem. She lost a great amount of hair in a few years as a result of a scalp infection. Having decided to have a hair transplant, Mona researched a lot about hair transplant surgery, the methods, costs, etc. She had already heard that cosmetic surgery has a high status in Iran. So she googled ‘hair transplant Iran’ and came across AriaMedTour website. She carefully browsed the website and got familiar with the company’s medical tourism services including hair transplant treatments as well as travel and accommodation services. 

Her curiosity piqued, Mona contacted the company and asked for details. When she heard about the cost of hair transplant in Iran, her interest in getting the treatment in the country even grew. She was in touch with the company for a few days and finally asked for an arrangement. 

After arrangements were made by AriaMedTour, Mona came to Iran and had her hair restored by an experience doctor. After the surgery, she was very satisfied. She also had a sightseeing in Tehran during her stay there.

“Everything was well-organized,” says Mona “the doctors, the staff, and everyone was very friendly.”

“The hotel arrangement, the pick-up at the airport, everything was done on time.

“I did not face any problems throughout my treatment, and I’m very happy with the results.

“I do hope that the next time I have to come back I will definitely choose the same group (AriaMedTour).”

Hair Transplant in Iran

Hair transplant is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in Iran. Iranian surgeons are among the most skilled and experienced in the world, adopting up-to-date techniques to offer the best hair transplants to their patients. Hair transplant cost in Iran is among the most affordable in the world due to economic factors as well as high demand for this treatment.

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