German-Turkish girl gets 6th nose job in Iran after 5 back home

Seba is a German girl of Turkish origin who came to Iran for a nose surgery. She said that it was the sixth time she had nose surgery; all the previous five surgeries were done in Germany. After her previous nose jobs, the young girl was still unhappy with her nose; it wasn’t what she wanted: a slim and sharp nose.

The 27-year-old girl was looking for a good doctor to operate on her nose for the sixth time. As she had already had five almost unsuccessful nose jobs—and in a developed country like Germany, indeed—she wanted to try her luck in another country. Seeking counseling from some doctors and friends, Seba was recommended to get her next rhinoplasty in Iran. They told her that the country is well-known for quality nose surgeries.

Therefore, Seba started to do some internet searches to find information about Iranian rhinoplasty surgeons. She read about some of them but she didn’t know if she could travel to this faraway country alone and have her surgery done (this was the biggest challenge as her family did not fully approve of their young daughter traveling abroad alone).  

While she was grappling with this challenge, she came across medical tourism facilitator AriaMedTour website. After browsing through the website, she found out that the company would pave the way for her to travel to Iran and have a revision rhinoplasty with a good Iranian nose surgeon. She read about the services it provides to international patients, watched patients’ testimonials, saw before and after photos and so on.

Seba did not hesitate to contact AriaMedTour to learn more about best nose surgeons in Iran. As the first step, AriaMedTour coordinators asked her to send photos of her nose for initial analysis and consultation. She also explained her previous rhinoplasty experiences in Germany. AriaMedTourcoordinators sent some ‘before and after’ photos of nose rhinoplasty work by some of the best Iranian rhinoplasty surgeons and she chose one of them, Dr. Amin Amali, an excellent plastic surgeon with a load of experience in facial cosmetic surgeries!

Seba became determined to head to Tehran to go under the knife of her favorite surgeon. But she was still worried about the travel. She asked for information about how her travel would be arranged by AriaMedTour and what services would be offered to her. She was given all the information she needed as well as assurances that her trip would go without any problems.

She kept her contact with AriaMedTour for almost 6 months before she took her final decision to hit the road. The coordinators would give her assistance during the period and every piece of information they gave her strengthened her wish to come to Iran for nose surgery.

Finally, she requested that the arrangements be made and she gave the date she wanted to come to Iran. AriaMedTour team booked an appointment for the surgery with the doctor she wished to have her rhinoplasty with.

Arriving in Iran

Seba arrived at Imam Khomeini International Airport at 3 A.M. as scheduled. Upon her arrival, she was warmly welcomed by AriaMedTour doctor’s assistant-cum-interpreter. The assistant presented her a bunch of flower as a sign of hospitability, which made her very pleased and overjoyed.

As part of the routine process, AriaMedTour guide took a modern taxi cab to transfer the guest to her hotel. Tehran was very quiet at the hour they were on the way to the hotel and a drizzling rain was coming down; this made the city very beautiful in Seba’s eyes. She said that Tehran is a modern city just like Istanbul. She felt very comfortable and relieved as she saw that things weren’t as scary as she thought they would be. They had a friendly conversation during a short trip to the hotel.

Once they arrived at the hotel at 5 A.M., the assistant introduced Seba to the receptionist and asked her to show her the room which was already booked. It was very interesting for Seba when she found out that the receptionist can speak Turkish, in which they had a conversation then.

After checking in, she went to her room, a very clean and furnished one. She took a short rest and got ready to go for her preliminary tests and check-ups at 9 A.M.

Surgery day

Seba was accompanied again by AriaMedTour doctor’s assistant and interpreter to a medical facility to have some pre-op CT scans and tests as well as to a photography atelier for a few photos that would be necessary for pre-op analysis by the doctor. The CT scan was necessary for she was having her sixth surgery, which would render the operation fairly delicate. After they got the test results and photographs, they went to the clinic in which the surgery was going to be performed. It was a well-equipped private clinic specialized in beauty services.

At the clinic, a general practitioner did some examinations on the patient to evaluate her general health. After that, she was admitted and settled in a room. Then the surgeon came to visit her and give her pre-op consultation. He spent a fairly long time talking to the patient, giving consultations and listening to her complaints and expectations.  Then she was taken to the operating theater.

A normal nose surgery typically takes 2.5 to 3.5 hours but this case was a bit different and took 4.5 hours. As there were already 5 surgeries on the patient’s nose, the doctor needed to be ultra-careful in the procedure. After opening the nose skin, he found out that the cartilage of the nose was too small and insufficient. As the surgeon was very experienced in rhinoplasty surgery, he decided to borrow a small piece of her ear’s cartilage and use it for the nose. He finally finished one of his most difficult surgeries successfully.

After regaining her consciousness, Seba was high-spirited and full of energy. The doctor visited her again to give her some instructions for the recovery period. He instructed what kinds of foods she had to eat during the recovery and told her that she could ask any question that might arise during the period as follow-up assistance are available for all patients. After the surgeon’s instructions, Seba was taken to a room to be under special care until she fully recovers and be well to go home. During this post-op care period, which lasted for 4-5 hours, nurses took care of her by regularly applying cold compress on her nose and feeding her with fruit juice and soft food.

It was late at night when Seba was discharged from the clinic and was ready to go to her hotel. She wasn’t alone at that time as the doctor’s assistant, who had been with her from the time she arrived, was still there to take her to the hotel. Before going to the hotel, the assistant went out to buy her prescribed medication. Then they went to the hotel and the assistant explained to the receptionist that she had just had surgery and needed special attention. Based on the cooperation agreements AriaMedTour has signed with some of the hotels, special services are offered to patients who have undergone treatments and have difficulty doing their routine activities. For example, they buy food items for them and deliver their meals at their room upon their request.

Stay at hotel

The rhinoplasty patients typically need to stay in Iran for one week because they need to visit the doctor and have their nose splint and tape removed and replaced 6-7 days after the surgery. Therefore, Seba had to stay 6 more days at her hotel.

During these days, the doctor’s assistant would visit her every day, checking on her to see if she is ok or needed something. He would bring fruits and fruit juice for her. He also was in close touch with her via phone and WhatsApp. She would sometimes visit the historical sites in the vicinity of her hotel. on one occasion, she was invited to a birthday party AriaMedTour organized for one of its patients, but as it was just the day after her surgery, she preferred not to attend—her share of the cake was reserved, though!

Seba was anxious about the result of her nose surgery. She would often express this to the doctor’s assistant, saying that she fears the result would not be her ideal. The assistant would give her assurances that after the removal of the tape and splint, she would find it satisfactory but if that wasn’t the case, there would be a guarantee that would allow her to have another revision surgery for free. This relieved Seba’s anxiety to a great extent.

Last visit to the doctor

Finally, the last day came and Seba had to go to the doctor’s office to get her nose splint removed. The assistant came to the hotel to pick her up and take her to the office. The surgeon examined her and removed the tape and the splint. She saw the result and became much happier now. Her nose was then taped by the doctor and at the same time, the doctor instructed her how to do it at fixed intervals at home. Then he gave her some explanations and instructions for the recovery period. He assured her that she could ask the doctor her questions through AriaMedTour whenever she faces a problem; in other words, the follow-up process will be permanent. The last thing the doctor did for Seba was giving a special permit that would allow the patient to board a plane without being barred by the security guards. After that, a traditional clay pot was presented to her by an AriaMedTour official as a gift and a sign of hospitability.

nose surgery experience in Iran

Dr. Amali removing Seba’s nose splint and tape

rhinoplasty in Iran

Dr. Amali examining Seba after removing her nose splint

Dr Amali

Seba and Dr. Amali posing for a photograph

Flying back home

The next day, Seba was going to return back to her country. The flight was scheduled for 5 A.M. and she was worried that the assistant might oversleep and not come to pick her up in time and she misses the flight. But he was more punctual than she thought. He showed up at 3 A.M. and they went to the airport by a private taxi cab. The taxi driver played a Turkish song en route to the airport, which Seba liked very much. The song coupled with the light rain that was coming down and the serenity of the city in the morning, just like the day she arrived in Tehran, created a very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

They got to the airport earlier than she expected. They had to wait for a while till the flight is ready to take off. During this period, Seba had enough time to thank the assistant for all his efforts during her stay and her nose surgery experience in Iran. She also expressed her willingness to come back to Iran someday in the future to have cheek and lip augmentation. She gave a gift to the assistant to show her deep gratitude to him. Once the airport announcer called on the passengers of Seba’s flight to refer to the departure gate, they went there where they exchanged fond farewells. After seeing her off, AriaMedTour assistant felt relieved that he handled yet another medical-trip to Iran with great success.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Seba in Iran!

German patients in Iran


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