Face lift after Botox removal in Iran

Face lift after Botox removal in Iran

Men and women resort to Botox injections and other fillers to get rid of age marks such as wrinkles. However, such injections might be displaced after a period of time. This is what happened to Sheyma.

Sheyma is from Iraqi Kurdistan. Ten years ago, Sheyma had received dermal filler in Syria. The injected material got displaced after a period of time and it had to be removed. Sheyma surfed the net to learn more information about the procedure. While surfing the net, she came across the website of AriaMedTour. She explored our website, watched the videos of the previous patients, and read about our services. What drew her attention is the high quality of our medical services and operations as well as the affordable prices. After seeing all that, she felt encouraged to request a ‘free consultation’. The AriaMedTour help center replied Sheyma at once. Sheyma asked a lot of questions and spent enough time learning about AriaMedTour.

After long conversations with the AriaMedTour’s online center and after watching the videos of our previous patients, Sheyma decided to trust AriaMedTour and travel to Iran for removing the injected filler and having a face lift. She sent photos of her passport and tickets and asked AriaMedTour to arrange her journey.

Before traveling to Iran, Sheyma was a little bit scared and worried because she was influenced by the news she has heard about the country of Iran. However, once she set foot at the airport, she felt safe. She was impressed with all the civilized aspects she had seen in the airport and with the kindness of the airport staff.

At the airport Sheyma met the interpreter who was waiting for her arrival with a sign that had her name and AriaMedTour’s slogan. Sheyma and the interpreter were picked up to the hotel where Sheyma had her reservation made by AriaMedTour.

The next day, Sheyma went to her pre-scheduled appointment with the doctor. Sheyma and the doctor had discussed her condition and decided to perform the surgery the next day. Sheyma experienced anxiety before the surgery. However, she felt safe and relief after talking to the doctor and the medical team.

The operation took about 30 minutes. It was an absolute success and Sheyma was pleased with the results. After that, she decided to visit the traditional markets of Iran. She went to Tehran’s Tajrish bazaar and purchased souvenirs for her family and friends. She also purchased a special gift for her 9-year-old daughter whose name is Syria. She was amazed with the low prices and the high quality of everything.

Sheyma had a great time and at the bazaar. She loved the warm dynamic atmosphere. After returning to Iraq, she expressed how satisfied she was with our services and she advised her sister to have a face lift in Iran through AriaMedTour and by the same surgeon who performed her surgery. In the meantime, we are adding the finishing lines for Sheyma’s sister journey arrangements. Sheyma will also accompany her sister in her journey to Iran.

This is the story of Sheyma’s medical journey to Iran. If you want to experience our various services, all you have to do is to request a free consultation through our web site or by sending it through WhatsApp. Our help center will reply as soon as possible.

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