Long search for best nose job is over! Iran is the best.

Long search for best nose job is over! Iran is the best.

“Iran is the safest place that you can travel to and have fun, people are very nice and polite, and if you need to do a surgery it is the best place”, that is how Shital, our patient from Canada, described Iran after having a great nose job experience in Iran.

Shital read many reviews, heard about people who had successful surgeries, and had come to Iran as the best place for a nose surgery that is well known for its good reputation for performing all types of medical procedures with a very affordable cost. Moreover, it is guaranteed that there would not be side effects.

“Because if you want to do this kind of surgery in Canada or the US, it will cost you a lot of money. Besides, there is no guaranty that you get what you want,” she said.

Shital was surfing the internet when she learned about AriaMedTour and how it works. She found out that it is very famous all over the world and it is already so successful and reliable that she can rely on it.

Therefore, she contacted our company and asked for a trip arrangement. Our special team took care of everything for Shital; the surgery package includes medication, hotel accommodation and all her journey’s needs.

Shital was picked up from the airport, accompanied by her assistant, departed to the hotel room to rest, and then they went to the prescheduled doctor appointment.

During the appointment, the very nice doctor examined her condition, and once she saw him, she felt very confident about the way he presented himself. She had reviewed his job, as she was following him few months on Instagram, and she found that he was very good and professional so that he gives her the feeling that everything is going to be great.

The procedure went successfully and the result was great. Shital was very satisfied with the surgery and the services provided by AriaMedTour. She told us that everything was positive and nothing needs to be changed.

Shital visited deferent places, she was feeling safe and she noticed that the Iranian people are polite and hospitable.

AriaMedTour planned Shital’s medical journey for nose job experience in Iran. If you would like to have your experience, contact the AriaMedTour by hitting “Free Quote” and filling the form or just send us a message through WhatsApp. Our services are 24/7 available.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Shital in Iran!

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