The story of my second hair transplant in Iran with AriaMedTour

His name is Shiva and he is from India. He traveled all the way from India to Iran twice to have a hair transplant procedure in Iran. He was so satisfied by the medical treatment and the services in Iran that he came again to Iran to have his hair transplanted again. Both trips were arranged by AriaMedTour. His first time to travel to Iran was in 2018. He was anxious about being in Iran. However, when he arrived, he felt safe and there is nothing to worry about.

“Iran is a peaceful liberal country, where people can enjoy a lot.”

Even though he was a stranger in a foreign country, he did not find any problems. He rather felt intimacy with the Iranian people. AriaMedTour has provided him a lot of good services. When he arrived in Iran, his personal assistant from AriaMedTour was waiting for him at the airport to pick him up and be his guide and companion during his stay in Iran as well as to be his interpreter to help him communicate with others during his medical trip.

He had the hair transplant surgery twice in Iran. Both of them were successful. Shiva has chosen Iran in the first time because he heard that the Iranian surgeons are professional at what they do and the costs are reasonable and affordable for everyone. As for the second time, he chose to come to Iran because he saw in his first trip that what he had heard was the truth.

Shiva is very happy with the services provided to him by AriaMedTour. He also enjoyed being in Iran very much that he recommended his friends who consider having a surgery to contact AriaMedTour and try its various services.

I am very happy, and throughout my life I cannot forget AriaMedTour as well Iran for the service that I received.

Shiva had his medical plans arranged by AriaMedTour. If you want to have yours arranged, hit “Free Quote” and fill out the form or just send us a message on WhatsApp or any of our social media accounts. Our services are 24/7 available.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Shiva in Iran!

Indian patients in Iran


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