Indian man tells you why he opted for Iran for hair transplant

Choosing to change is a challenging part of life. While many of these changes are inconsequential, others may turn out to be very significant. For Shiva, our Indian patient, such serious decision came in when he noticed that he’s losing hair at the front of his head. Therefore, he started to search the internet to find an effective hair loss solution. And that was when he came across with the idea of getting a hair transplant procedure in Iran.

See Shiva’s video and photos, and read his story to find out why he preferred Iran to India, a popular medical tourism destination, to get his hair transplant done here!

Shiva preferred Iran to India due to a number of reasons. His first motive was the low price at which he could get his hair restoration surgery done compared to India. Plus, he was well aware of the proficiency of Iranian surgeons in the field of cosmetic surgeries including hair transplant. So he found us on the internet and flew to Iran to undergo hair transplantation surgery.

He went through a Follicular Isolation Technique (FIT) at the recommendation of his doctor. During his hair transplant, the surgeon used local anesthesia to numb his scalp. Finally, 70-80% of his hair was restored and the donor area on his scalp healed on its own, having a bandage for a couple of days after the surgery.

We at AriaMedTour accompanied him from the very first moment of his arrival in Tehran until the time he left the country. Upon his contact, we provided him with all the necessary information and arranged for his visa, flight, hotel as well as his surgery.

After his treatment, he visited AriaMedTour office. He expressed his gratitude to the team and described Iran as the best country for getting a hair transplant. In the end, AriaMedTour gave him a gift as a keepsake. He then returned to India while he was content with what he experienced during his trip, stating that he couldn’t have such successful treatment in India.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Shiva in Iran!

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