Swedish preschool teacher opts for Iran for cosmetic procedures

Swedish preschool teacher opts for Iran for cosmetic procedures

Born and raised in Syria, Muhammad Sawaf has been a Swedish citizen since five years ago when he migrated to the country to permanently settle there. Muhammad is now a member of the Swedish society and has a job in Sweden as a preschool teacher.

As he was looking for a health tourism facilitator to help him arrange a foreign trip for a few cosmetic procedures, Muhammad came across AriaMedTour’s website. Before contacting AriaMedTour, he had chosen another facilitator but soon found out its services were too expensive, making him think twice and look for another company.

Having browsed the website and watched testimonial videos of previous patients, Muhammad found AriaMedTour the best choice. He contacted the company via WhatsApp to inquire about his desired procedures—hair transplant, abdominal liposuctionfacial fat transfer, and dental veneering. The company’s coordinators soon got back to him to provide consultation and detailed information to him. After he felt assured that all his affairs would be managed well by AriaMedTour, he requested that a tour be arranged for him, as well as doctor’s appointments and procedures.

Soon after, Muhammad arrived in Tehran at midnight. He was picked up at the airport by AriaMedTour’s private transfer service and checked into the hotel booked for him by the company. He stayed in the hotel for a few days, during which the procedures were done one by one as scheduled.

Swedish patient in Iran for cosmetic procedures

Muhammad preparing for a dental care procedure in Tehran

The cosmetic procedures Muhammad underwent were a hair transplant, a dental veneering, liposuction, and facial fat transfer. Since he was a special case, both in terms of being short of time and that he wanted to have several procedures almost at the same time, AriaMedTour did its best to ensure that all the procedures were done smoothly and without any problem.  The interpreters of the company were always with him, taking him to the clinic and hospital and back to his hotel. They also would visit him at the hotel to make sure he was fine and if he needed something or to convey the doctor’s instructions to him.

plastic surgery doctor in Tehran

Muhammad and his doctor posing for a photo at a hospital in Tehran

The young kindergarten teacher finally had all his beauty procedures done successfully with the help of AriaMedTour medical tourism facilitator and flew back to his country Sweden to live his life more happily than before. He is currently receiving online follow-ups by AriaMedTour’s medical assistants.

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Muhammad in Iran!

Swedish patients in Iran


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