Human Barbie Doll Gets Nose Job Done In Iran (Video)

The human Barbie doll came to Iran last year to have a nose revision by Dr. Farshid Mahboubirad. She chose Iran for a rhinoplasty for she believed the country is a pioneer in nose surgery.

Pixee Fox, a Swedish beauty model currently living in North Carolina who is known for her mania for plastic surgeries has spent over £500,000 undergoing 200 operations, including having six ribs removed and her jaw broken. She chose Iran for a nose revision surgery as the country offers the highest quality nose operations in the world.

Talking in front of a camera in an Iranian hospital next to Dr Mahboubirad, she expressed her satisfaction with the reception she received in Iran. She was happy with the arrangements and the accommodation facility. She said she wanted to make her nose ‘semi-fantasy’.

Pixee’s ambition is to make herself look like cartoon characters Holly Would, Jessica Rabbit, and Aurora.

“I don’t do this for vanity,” she said on a TV show about her countless surgeries. “I am a pioneer; I am pushing the beauty industry forwards.”

She has had 200 other plastic surgeries, including six ribs removed, four boob jobs, two rounds of liposuction, labiaplasty, butt lift, and even an eye color change.

“For me, there is something beautiful about plastic surgery even though I know it is not for every one,” she wrote on her Instagram under a video of her nose revision surgery recovery timeline, tagging Dr. Mahboubirad’s account. “I see myself as an artist sharing what I am passionate about.”

“THANK YOU FARSHID FOR GIVING ME MY DREAM NOSE,” a caption at the end of the video clip reads.

Pixee Fox's new nose job in Iran

Two months after Pixee Fox’s revision rhinoplasty in Iran

Pixee Fox before and after

Pixee Fox’s before and after rhinoplasty photo

Best Iranian nose surgeons in the world

The Human Barbie Doll thanks her Iranian nose surgeon for giving her her ‘DREAM NOSE’.

Pixee Fox nose job in Iran

Pixee Fox aspires to look like animated characters Holly Would, Jessica Rabbit, and Aurora

Nose Job Capital

Iran is named the nose job capital of the world for having the highest rhinoplasty surgeries per capita. Iranian nose job surgeons are highly skillful and experienced. The demand for rhinoplasty surgery is so high that it has made the Iranian plastic surgeons extraordinarily prolific so much so that some of them have several ops a day.

Not only is the quality of rhinoplasty in Iran exceptional, the affordable costs are also eye-catching. People from around the world are increasingly flocking to Iran to get their noses under the knife, and Tehran is now the hottest destination for nose job candidates.

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