Iran A Perfect Destination for Afghan Medical Tourists – Story & Photos

The poor quality of healthcare services in Afghanistan has recently made many Afghani people look for other destinations for affordable and effective healthcare. In this situation, Iran has emerged as an ideal medical tourism destination, where Afghan patients feel at home. This is exactly the same point mentioned by our Afghan tourists when they traveled to Iran.

Samir, Hadi, and Majid traveled from Herat to Iran to spend their holiday and have a few cosmetic procedures in the country with the help of our company. Through one of their friends, they found and contacted us. They visited Mashhad, Ramsar, and Tehran during their stay and came to our office to express their satisfaction. Our Afghan guide accompanied them during the time they were in Tehran. In the end, they left Iran while they were pleased with the experience they had in the country.

Given the lower costs of healthcare services in Iran compared to other countries like India or Pakistan and the shared language and culture of the people of the two countries, Afghan patients are more willing to head to Iran for treatments, rather than Pakistan and India.

Now, let’s have a look at their photos in Iran!


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