The 21-year-old girl describes her gastric sleeve surgery in Iran as worthwhile

Elsie Dakkak is a 21-year-old Syrian girl based in the Netherlands. With stunning hair, dark eyes, and elegant style, she is undoubtedly beautiful. Yet, obesity was taking its toll on her at a very young age, both physically and mentally. She had tried everything from different diets to strenuous exercises and nothing seemed to shift her weight. At the same time, she wanted to lose that excess weight before she was diagnosed with diabetes or heart diseases. So, she started looking for a fast and easy method to cut down on her weight. When she found out that sleeve gastrectomy is a highly effective procedure for weight-loss (source), she decided to undergo the surgery as soon as possible.

But apparently, sleeve gastrectomy surgery is not a common procedure in the Netherlands. And the few competent surgeons who performed the surgery would charge a king’s ransom. Elsie’s mother, Amal, was concerned with her daughter’s excess weight. And, she was not going to let her undergo the surgery under the knife of an incompatible surgeon. Knowing that medical tourism is a more affordable option, she started comparing countries where highly-skilled surgeons perform VSG surgery.

Amal knew Iran is world-famous for nose job surgery but the country’s popularity for more complex procedures like gastric sleeve was news to her. She found that Iranian surgeons are extremely famous for carrying out successful weightloss surgery. Plus, the medical centers in Iran are on par with those of pioneering countries.

” Many are unaware that Iran has reached such advanced levels in medicine.”

The thought of undergoing such complex procedure is intimidating enough, not to mention having it in a foreign country. So, Amal was relieved when she came to know AriaMedTour. By exploring our website, she was pleased to know that we can provide both Elsie and her mother with a wide range of services, including:

  • Medical appointment arrangements
  • Visa authorization code
  • Transfer
  • Accommodation
  • On-call medical assistance
  • Interpreter

Amal began consulting with our healthcare experts, sharing her concerns and Elsie’s expectations. She wanted to make sure her daughter will be under safe hands and our consultants helped her select a qualified surgeon. After choosing one of our gastric sleeve packages, the only thing Elsie had to do was to pack for the trip.

Elsie and her mother arrived in Tehran, met their interpreter, and checked in Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel which they found appropriately equipped and comfortable. Then, accompanied by AriaMedTour interpreter, they visited the specialist in his office. In the consultation appointment, Elsie’s doctor explained the procedure fully to both her and her mother. Then, some tests and examinations had to be taken to make sure Elsie is ready for the surgery.

On the day of surgery, Elsie was received by the International patients’ department (IPD) of the hospital. The procedure took about 2-3 hours and Elsie had to spend the night in the hospital. In her video testimonial, Amal talked about how compassionate and helpful the hospital staff was during their stay in the hospital.

After a week of recovery, Elsie and her mother spent some time sightseeing around Tehran. When they were leaving Iran, we could tell how happy and satisfied they were with the whole journey.

“The experience is truly dazzling and worth it. I certainly recommend everyone who wants to undergo a procedure to rely on AriaMedTour.”

Now, let’s have a look at the photos of Elsie in Iran!


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